Preamble of Swedish Probate (Bouppteckningens ingress)

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The “preamble” of the probate contains the most genealogical information. In the preamble, you will normally find:

  • Name of the deceased
  • Death date of the deceased (usually a few lines below the date of the inventory)
  • Residence (farm or village) of the deceased at death
  • The date of the inventory (usually at the top of the preamble)
  • Names of men who performed the inventory (värderingsmän)
  • The name of the surviving spouse
  • Names of the heirs ages, and residence (The names of sons-in-law, if any daughters are married, names of grandchildren if their related parent to the deceased is dead)
  • Names of guardians for heirs not of "legal age".The guardian was supposed to be the nearest male relative on the  side of the family of the deceased, but this rule was not always followed but should be taken into consideration. 

You may also find the date of probate (or the name of the court (ting) such as “vårtinget, etc.) Name of guardian of minor children

Vocabulary[edit | edit source]

The following Swedish words may assist you in understanding better the content of the genealogical information found in the probate’s preamble. The words in the Old Spelling column are from Carl Björkmans Svensk engelsk ordbok from 1889.

Swedish Old Spelling English
anmodan request
arvinge, arvingar arfvinge, arfvingar heir, heirs
avliden afliden deceased, defunct, late
bouppteckning official estate inventory
delning dividing
den the
änka enka widow
änkeman enkeman widower
efter after
efter sig lämnade efter sig lemnade survived by
egendomen property
emellan between
fattigprocenten betald the poor percentage is paid
följer follows
förmyndare guardian
förrättade conducted
jämte together with, in addition to
lösa loose
med honom under äktenskapet sammanaflad with him in marriage produced
myndiga of age
nämligen nemligen namely
och and
omyndiga under age (minor)
närvarande to be present
räkning account
salig deceased
sedan after
skulden the debt
stärbhus sterbhus estate of a deceased person
till to
undertecknade undersigned
upprättat drawn up, set up
vård care
värdering estimation of value
vägnar on his/her behalf
År year

References[edit | edit source]

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