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Go to the Wiki article Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland Genealogy for information, instruction, and important internet links that apply to the 1967 voivodeship of Poznań. The following explanation explains the relationship between Poznań and Greater Poland.

Greater Poland Voivodeship is a voivodeship, or province, in west-central Poland. In the second partition (1793), the whole of Greater Poland was absorbed by Prussia, becoming part of the province of South Prussia. The Greater Poland Uprising of 1806 led to the region's becoming part of the Napoleonic Duchy of Warsaw. Following the Congress of Vienna in 1815, Greater Poland was again partitioned, with the western part (including Poznań) going to Prussia. The eastern part joined the Russian-controlled Kingdom of Poland. Within the Prussian empire, western Greater Poland became the Grand Duchy of Posen and eventually the Province of Posen. Following the end of World War I, most of the region became part of the newly independent Polish state, forming most of Poznań Voivodeship (1921–1939). Following the German invasion of 1939, Greater Poland was incorporated into Nazi Germany, becoming the province called Reichsgau Posen. After the war, Greater Poland was fully within the Polish People's Republic, as Poznań Voivodeship. Source: Wikipedia, Greater Poland Voivodeship

  • Prior to 1918, this was part of Prussia, so follow instructions for Prussian Poland throughout the Poland Wiki.

Information icon.pngBecause of this history of changing nationality, records for Greater Poland are found in the FamilySearch system under both Posen, Germany and Poznán, Poland. Use the gazetteer, Kartenmeister - German/Polish Place Name Conversion to find the name of your town in both languages.