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Find genealogy records: churches, cemeteries, historical and genealogical societies, libraries, newspapers, city directories and government offices for Port Washington, Wisconsin, Ozaukee County Seat, Wisconsin.

Church Records[edit | edit source]

Baptisms and some marriages.

  • Church records, 1858-1946 Grand Avenue Evangelical Church Text in English and German contains history 1858-1942, members, deaths 1908-1946, baptisms, and marriages 1889-1946.

Originally called Imanuels Evangelischen Gemeinschaft.

  • Church records, 1862-1955 Friedens Evangelical Church ext in English and German. Contains a few early records 1847-1863 (some baptisms and marriages), members, baptisms, confirmations, communicants 1864-1896, marriages, deaths, and collections 1889-1922.
  • Church records, 1890-1950 St. John's Lutheran Church ext in English and German. Contains baptisms, confirmations, marriages, communicants 1890-1926, deaths, and history 1890-1906.
  • Church records, 1911-1920 Catholic Church. St. Ambrose Records are in Latin. Baptisms and some marriages. This is a closed church.

Cemeteries[edit | edit source]

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