Philippines Genealogy Research Using the Wiki - Video Series

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Philippines Genealogy Research Using the Wiki

The Wiki Wizard videos give instructions for Philippines birth, marriage, and death civil certificates and church records to discover the genealogy and history of your Philippines ancestors.

Wiki Wizard in the Philippines with the FamilySearch Research Wiki Videos[edit | edit source]

The Philippines Genealogy main page is the “gateway” to all the features of the Wiki that help with Philippines genealogy: topic articles, strategy tools, research tools, language lessons, online records, and instructional pages specific to each province.

For each Province of the Philippines, the Wiki has created an instructional page with all the links you need to find church records and civil registration records for that province. Learn how to use the links and information on one of these pages.

To use the records of the Philippines, you must know the exact town where your ancestor lived. Learn how to search for that information in family records, vital records, census records, cemetery records, obituaries, military records, Social Security records, and immigration and citizenship records.

Learn how to use the instructions and links of a Philippines province page on the Wiki to locate and use civil registration and Catholic church birth and marriage records.

Learn and observe the use of a search strategy for compiling birth and marriage records for a Philippines family.

Some of the records of the Philippines are written in Spanish or Latin. Learn about lessons, word lists, an extraction manual, and other aids that will build your proficiency in reading records in these languages.

Learn how to use a Philippines Province page in the Wiki to locate addresses for civil registration offices, national and local archives, diocese and parish office to write for birth and marriage records. Learn to use the Letter Writing Guide for Genealogy to request records.