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The Records[edit | edit source]

  • Court records are subject to access restrictions for 100 years after their creation.
  • Young Offender files are restricted by federal legislation and only the offenders themselves or law enforcement agencies can request access.
  • Most recent records are still held by either the Ministry of the Attorney General, the courts, or the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and their related agencies (OPP, Centre for Forensic Science, Office of the Fire Marshal, Ontario Parole Board).
  • Court records include:
    • Prosecution and indictment records
      • Supreme Court Central Office Criminal Assize Clerk criminal indictment case files
      • Supreme Court Registrar’s criminal indictment files
      • Crown Attorney prosecution case files, 1865-1984
      • Central registry criminal and civil files
    • Criminal courts
      • Magistrates' Courts heir first Justice of the Peace. Few of these records have survived.
      • County or District Court Judge's Criminal Courts
      • Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace (1777-1867) and the Court of General Sessions (1868-1984)
      • The High Courts of Justice, which, over time, comprised of the Court of King's Bench (1794-1839), Court of Queen's Bench (1839-1881), Court of Common Pleas (1850-1881), Common Pleas Division (1881-1913), and Supreme Court (1881-1989).
      • Court of Appeal (1794-present)
      • Juvenile Court (1908-1953) and Juvenile and Family Court (1954-1968)
      • Unified Family Court
    • Criminal court records: Criminal proceedings generate criminal files, which may contain:
      • Minute books
      • Docket books
      • Procedure books
      • Judgment book
      • Order book [1]

Archives of Ontario[edit | edit source]

Superior Court of Justice: Courthouse Addresses and Telephone Numbers[edit | edit source]

This Table lists the Courthouse addresses and telephone numbers for each of Ontario's Counties and Districts.

References[edit | edit source]


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