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FamilySearch Record Search This article contains record coverage information about a FamilySearch Historical Records Collection.
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Denmark Baptisms - FamilySearch Historical Records

What is in the Collection?[edit | edit source]

The table below displays the number of records from the county of Odense included in the Denmark Baptisms database on FamilySearch.org.

Record Content[edit | edit source]

Please note that owing to privacy laws not all records in the database may be searchable. When the parish can not be identified the records are listed with only the county name. See Denmark Baptisms - FamilySearch Historical Records for a list showing the total number of records for by county in this collection.

County Parish Records
Odense Asperup 1,582
Odense Balslev 1,836
Odense Barløse 3,416
Odense Bellinge 910
Odense Bogense 306
Odense Brylle 4,323
Odense Brændekilde 1,352
Odense Brænderup 3,999
Odense Dalby 1,476
Odense Dalum 1,486
Odense Davinde 1
Odense Dreslette 1,229
Odense Ejby 2,857
Odense Fjelsted 3,496
Odense Flemløse 1,303
Odense Føns 2,805
Odense Fraugde 4,622
Odense Gamborg 1
Odense Guldbjerg 1,682
Odense Harndrup 2,110
Odense Helnæs 993
Odense Holevad 313
Odense Hårby 2,994
Odense Hårslev 4,756
Odense Ingslev 2,906
Odense Kerte 3,119
Odense Kerteminde 3,546
Odense Klinte 14
Odense Kærum 2,405
Odense Lumby 5,318
Odense Lunde 2,851
Odense Melby 1,406
Odense Mesinge 2,846
Odense Middelfart 3,201
Odense Munkebo 821
Odense Norup 2,405
Odense Nørre Åby 1,967
Odense Nørre Højrup 57
Odense Nørre Lyndelse 1
Odense Nørre Sandager 1,338
Odense Odense Sankt Hans 8,105
Odense Odense Sankt Knuds Domsogn 11,633
Odense Odense Vor Frue 3,165
Odense Orte 3,095
Odense Otterup 2,069
Odense Rønninge 621
Odense Sandager 1,751
Odense Sanderum 7,284
Odense Skeby 2,771
Odense Skydebjerg 2,198
Odense Stubberup 2,360
Odense Særslev 3,128
Odense Tanderup 2,885
Odense Tommerup 5,202
Odense Turup 617
Odense Trøstrup Korup 1,453
Odense Ubberud 1,780
Odense Uggerslev 48
Odense Veflinge 4,512
Odense Verninge 2,576
Odense Viby 1,870
Odense Vigerslev 3,780
Odense Vissenbjerg 6,563
Odense Ørslev 2,367
Odense Ørsted 2,416
Odense Åsum 1,118