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The Norwegian law of 1687 made provision for the guardianship of children under age 25. 

A.  By the mother's death, the father was appointed.

B.  By the father's death, one of the brothers (of the children), if "of age" or 25 years old was appointed.

C.  The next in line should be the grandfather on the fathers's side.

D.  Then the grandfather on the mother's side.

E.  After the grandfather, the next in line to be appointed where uncles on the father's side.

F.  After them, the uncles on the mothers's side.

G.  If not any of these persons were alive, then the nearest relative on the fathers's side should be appointed.

H.  After the relatives on the father's side, the relatives on the mother's side should be appointed.

I.  If not a single relative were to be had, the government should appoint some reliable persons as guardians for the children.

J.  Stepfathers could not be guardians for stepchildren.

K.  Illegitimate children could not be guardians for legitimate children.

L.  Farmhands or servants could not be appointed as guardians.