North Carolina Civil War Confederate Units 60th through 120th

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The information in this list of North Carolina Military Units comes from the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors web site (CWSS). This web site can also be searched by the name of a soldier.

Regiments 60th through 69th[edit | edit source]

  • 60th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry
    Organized at Greenville, Tennessee, during the summer of 1862 by adding four companies to the 6th North Carolina State Infantry Battalion.
    Mustered a force of 106 in January, 1865.
    Surrendered in April, a few men.
  • 62nd Regiment, North Carolina Infantry
    Formed at Waynesville, North Carolina, in July, 1862.
    Assigned to General Gracie's Brigade , July, 1863, and stationed at Cumberland Gap.
    Surrendered in September many troops.
    A number escaped from being captured. They returned to the Asheville area and in April, 1864 had 178 men present. Disbanded near the French Broad River.
  • 64th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry (Allen's)
    Organized during the summer of 1862.
    Attached to General Gracie's Brigade July, 1863 and stationed at Cumberland Gap.
    Here most of the regiment was captured in September.
    Some did escape. Disbanded near the French Broad River.
  • 66th Battalion, North Carolina Militia
    Organized at Kinston, North Carolina, in October, 1862, by consolidating the 8th North Carolina Battalion Partisan Rangers and the 13th North Carolina Infantry Battalion.
    Surrendered on April 26, 1865, with the Army of Tennessee.
  • 66th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry
    Organized at Kinston, North Carolina in August 1863 by combining the Eight Battalion, consisting of six companies and the Forth Battalion of four companies.
    Disbanded  2 May 1865 at Bush Hill.
  • 68th Regiment, North Carolina Militia
    Organized near Jackson, North Carolina, during the early spring of 1864.
    In April, 1865, the men were ordered to return home and acquire mounts so that the unit could be converted to cavalry. But while these orders were being carried out, the war ended.

Regiments 70th through 75th[edit | edit source]

No regiments with these numbers are in the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors system. Compendium of The Confederate Armies does include histories for these units.

Regiments 76th through 120th[edit | edit source]

The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors system also does not list regiments 77th through 94th, 96th through 108th, 110th, and 112th through 119th. Additional research is needed.

Other Missing regiments[edit | edit source]

The following regiments are not currently on this list:

- 96th through 108th
- 110th
- 112th through 119th