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Historical Facts[edit | edit source]

In 1768 South Carolina replaced all of her previous counties with seven court districts including the newly organized area of Ninety-Six District northwest of the previous counties. See the 1775 South Carolina map.

In 1785 South Carolina created six subordinate counties within the overarching Ninety-Six District:[1] (See the 1785 South Carolina map.)

In 1800 South Carolina abolished all her overarching districts including Ninety-Six District, Pendleton District, and Pinckney District. However, the remaining counties were often called districts as late as 1868.

Records[edit | edit source]

Surviving records of old Ninety-Six District are kept at the Abbeville County Courthouse.[2]

For documents of people who lived in this area from 1768 to 1800, look in:[3]

  • papers filed in the District Seat 1768-1781 at Ninety-Six Town, or 1781-1800 at Cambridge[1]
  • papers filed in the Washington/Pendleton District Seat 1791-1800 at Pickensville
  • papers filed in the Pinckney District Seat 1791-1800 at Pinckneyville
  • papers filed in the early capital at Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina Genealogy

Record Loss[edit | edit source]

  • A fire during the British occupation of Ninety-Six Town in 1781 destroyed most of the town, and its district records.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Research Guides[edit | edit source]

Census[edit | edit source]

See Ninety-Six District, SC census assignments, including links to transcribed files [The USGenWeb Census Project®]

1779[edit | edit source]

Genealogy[edit | edit source]

It is anticipated that this bibliography will eventually identify all known family histories published about residents of this county. Use this list to:

  • Locate publications about direct ancestors
  • Find the most updated accounts of an ancestor's family
  • Identify publications, to quote Elizabeth Shown Mills, about an ancestor's "FAN Club" [Friends, Associates, and Neighbors]
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Land[edit | edit source]

The organization Strictly By Name provides free online indexes to early Ninety-Sixth District land records. They offer a record retrieval service to photocopy and transcribe microfilm copies of the original documents for a small fee. Available indexes:

Websites[edit | edit source]

Ninety Six District, South Carolina, This is a great site that has maps and a history of the District.

References[edit | edit source]

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