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This page lists the websites of the various provincial, regional and city archives in the Netherlands, as well as other sites catering for specific regions, provinces and cities.

Major Websites[edit | edit source]

These are the websites of the regional and provincial archives for each region. With the advent of subscription fees for WieWasWie from January 2016, these sites have become important for doing free genealogy research in the Netherlands. These sites generally contain indexes to civil registration (post 1811), church records(pre-1811), and sometimes population registers(post 1850), Notarial records and other records. Note that while in many cases the content of these sites is the same as WieWasWie and OpenArch, in many cases these sites contain information not in WieWasWie/OpenArch and vice-versa.

Alkmaar Regionaal Archief Alkmaar
West-Fries West-Fries Archief
Amsterdam Stadsarchief Amsterdam
Erfgoed Leiden en omstreken
Rijnlands Midden
Streekarchief Rijnlands Midden
Midden Holland
Streekarchief Midden Holland
Rotterdam Stadsarchief
Delft Archief
Den Haag
Haags Archief
Regionaal Archief Dordrecht
Het Utrechts Archief
Gelders Archief
Overijssel Historisch Centrum Overijssel
Limburg AlleLimburgers

Other Sites[edit | edit source]

Drenthe[edit | edit source]

Drents Archief
The website for the Drenthe province archives (rijksarchief) is available only in Dutch.

Drents ArchiefNet
This website is written in Dutch with some English. This website is a guide to the holdings of the various municipalities, water councils and provincial archives for Drenthe.

Flevoland[edit | edit source]

This is a very young province which was opened for inhabitation in 1970s- though the city of Urk is much older. Since the province is so young there are few records of genealogical interest.

Flevoland Boven Water
Dutch only. This site has thousands of digital documents, archeology and historic cultural objects concerning the province of Flevoland.

Friesland[edit | edit source]

Fries ArchiefNet
This website is available in Dutch, Frisian and some English. It is a guide to the holdings of the various municipalities, water councils and provincial archives for Friesland.

The Friedoc Foundation (Stichting Friedoc)
Available in Dutch, Frisian and some English. This site is a privately operated, not-for-profit document centre for Frisian history and genealogy.

Historisch Centrum Leeuwarden
This site is available in Dutch, Frisian and some English. It is the website for genealogical research in the Frisian capital city of Leeuwarden.

Gelderland[edit | edit source]

Historisch Platform Veluwe
This Dutch only site provides links to regional archives and museums in “de Veluwe” area of Gelderland.

Erfgoedcentrum Achterhoek Liemers
This site is in Dutch. It is the regional archives for Aalten, Berkelland, Bronckhorst, Doetinchem, Oost Gelre, Montferland, Oude IJsselstreek and Winterswijk.

Groningen[edit | edit source]

Regionaal Historisch Centrum Groninger Archieven
This is the archival centre for the city and province of Groningen. Available in Dutch, English, and German.

Groninger ArchiefNet
In the Dutch language only. This website is a guide to the holdings of the various municipalities, water councils and provincial archives for Groningen.

Limburg[edit | edit source]

Regionaal Historisch Centrum Limburg
This website is in Dutch with some English pages and is the province of Limburg’s archives.

Noord-Holland[edit | edit source]

Noord-Hollands Archief
Dutch and English languages. This is the provincial archive for Noord-Holland and the regional archives of the southern part of Noord-Holland.

North Brabant[edit | edit source]

Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum
Dutch language only. This is the genealogical and historical centre for the province of North Brabant.

Het Markiezenhof Historisch Centrum
Website is available in Dutch and English. This regional historical archive centre holds information regarding the municipalities Bergen op Zoom, Waterschap Scheldekwartier, Steenbergen and Woensdrecht.

Regionaal Archief Tilburg
Available in Dutch only; this is the regional archives of Tilburg.

Regionaal Historisch Centrum Eindhoven
This is a Dutch only website for the region and city of Eindhoven.

Overijssel[edit | edit source]

Historisch Centrum Overijssel
The Overijssel provincial archive is available in Dutch with some English. Indexes to civil registration, Zwolle church records and some other records are included.

Stadsarchief Kampen is the official city archive for Kampen. Some church records and other records are indexed.

Utrecht[edit | edit source]

Zeeland[edit | edit source]

Zeeuws Archief
This Dutch only website belongs to the archives in the province of Zeeland. The searchable database of many various records is available in English.

Zuid-Holland[edit | edit source]

For the provincial archives, see the Nationaal Archief.

Gemeentearchief Rotterdam
This is the municipal archives for the city of Rotterdam, which is available in Dutch and English.

Regionaal Archief Leiden
This is the regional archives for the municipalities of Leiden, Zoeterwoude, Rijnsburg, Teylingen, Hillegom, Noordwijk, de Vennip, Voorschoten and Leiderdorp. The website is in Dutch only.

Haags Archief. This is the genealogical section of the archive of the city Den Haag(The Hague or 's-Gravenhage)

Breda Archief This is the genealogical section of the Breda archive.