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The FamilySearch moderator for The Netherlands is Daniel Jones.

For an in-depth explanation and history of Dutch given names, surnames, and patronymics, see the handout The Origin of Names and Their Effect on Genealogical Research in the Netherlands.

For a good explanation of Dutch names and naming patterns, see the Wikipedia article, Dutch Name.

Surname Database

This Database of Surnames in the Netherlands presents the 300,000 surnames of all persons with the Dutch nationality, who lived in the Netherlands in the year 2007. Also included are about 110,000 family names registered at the census from 1947.

Name adoption records (Naamsaanneming registers)[edit | edit source]

Research use: Patronymic surnames were common in several provinces prior to 1811. After that all citizens were required to adopt a fixed surname. These records are used to determine prior naming patterns.

Record type: Assignment of surnames for patronymic families and Jews.

Time Period: 1808-1814 and 1826.

Content: Heads’ of families previous and new names, ages and/or birth dates, number or names and ages of children and grandchildren, marks or signatures.

Location: Provincial, state, city and municipal archives.

Population coverage: 60%.

Reliability: Very good.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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