Neepawa, Manitoba

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Neepawa is a pretty town in western Manitoba, north east of Brandon. Some basic tourist information can be found at the Chamber of Commerce site:[1]

The area was largely settled during 1878-1880 time period, so the 1881 and subsequent censuses are very useful resources.

There are newspaper archives that contain a wealth of information about the lives of people living in the Neepawa area, but these are not available online. The local branch of the Manitoba Genealogical Society could provide information on these and other local resources.[2]

When researching in the Neepawa area, you should be aware of the surrounding rural municipalities: Rosedale, Lansdowne, Langford, and Onadah virtually surround the town. You will find that "Neepawa" may be used as a synonym for any of these (and vise-versa).

The province of Manitoba's free vital record search site will be a big help:[3]

The Manitoba page of this wiki has links to the free Canada Census records. The Western Manitoba Genealogy site may also be helpful. [4]

Neepawa has a large cemetery, Riverside, whose records are searchable online [5].

An additional cemetery is located 4 miles/6 kilometres north of Neepawa in Rosedale municipality. This cemetery has been known by a variety of names: Buchanan, Mountain View, and Rosedale. Transcriptions can be found here [6] and here [7]

This personal web site has searchable genealogy, stories and old photos of hundreds of former residents of the area and their descendants, if you click the "Buchanans and Watsons" link: [8] It also includes free books on these two families.

The "Kelwood bridges the years, 1890-1967" history will be helpful when researching in the northern part of Rosedale Municipality. The full text can be read online at [9]

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