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History[edit | edit source]

The province of Närke belongs to Örebro County.[1]

Närke is a Swedish province situated in Svealand in south central Sweden. It is bordered by Västmanland to the north, Södermanland to the east, Östergötland to the southeast, Västergötland to the southwest, and Värmland to the northwest. The Närke province was incorporated into the diocese of Strängnäs in the year 1170.

The Castle of Örebro was built about 1200 A.D to protect the bridge crossing the ford (öre means "sand bank" and bro means "bridge"), as well as the borough to the bridge's south side. The Castle of Örebro was built to withstand many sieges. This allowed the Närke province to acquire a reputation for being impregnable.

During the 16th through 17th centuries the Närke province was ruled by a number of fiefdoms where iron bars were manufactured. As the farming industry gave very little financial stability to the province, the iron manufacturing became an even more attractive industry. As regards to farming, the raising and selling of oxen were sold in Bergslagen, as well as in Dalarna, where the skin of the oxen were important items that were used in mining that supported the iron manufacturing industry.

The Närke province was renowned for its warlike peasants. When the coat-of-arms for the Närke province was created for the funeral of King Gustav Vasa in 1560, it contained two crossbow darts for the central symbol. The crossbow as a favorite weapon of the peasants.

In the Närke province there are many ancient castles. The most important, and best preserved one, is found at Tarsta in Sköllersta.

The population of the Närke province was roughly 208,376 people in 2016. [2]

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