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Historical Background[edit | edit source]

For centuries, the duchy of Slesvig has been under the rule of the King of Denmark. The early military records of the duchy has followed the Lægdsruller system found in the rest of Denmark. These records can be found under the county level. In 1864, Prussia successfully took over Slesvig, and the military records followed the political change. Many of the changes in the military records include a change from Danish to German, more detailed information about the individual, and a change in the record keeping system.

Events that affected the military:

Year Event
1848-1850 First Schleswig-Holstein War - The duchies of Slesvig and Holsten rebell against Denmark. The rebels are supported by the Prussian government. The rebels are defetead and unsteady peace is restored in the Kingdom of Denmark.
1864 Second Schleswig-Holstein War - Prussia successfully wins the duchies of Slesvig and Holsten from Denmark.
1870-1871 The French-German War 1870-1871
1914-1918 World War I
1920 Sønderjylland (North Slesvig) is returned to Danish rule

The Records[edit | edit source]

Record Description Good to Know
Alphabetical Lists Alphabetical lists are the most important record to use when researching in military records in Sønderjylland. After 1867, when a man turned 20 years old, he was listed in the alphabetical military lists of the kommune he resided in, under the year that he was born. The alphabetical lists are similar to the regular Danish Lægdsruller, but contain much more information.

If a man moved around within the same county/district he was first registered in, his military record does not move. You will still find the record in the original kommune. If he moves outside of the county, the record will be registered with his new kommune under his birth year. See Case Study 3 for an example of how to use the alphabetical lists.

Stamruller Stamruller were the "rough drafts" of the alphabetical lists. There are few of these records available today as they were not always well preserved. Use these records as a suplement to the alphabetical lists
Restantenlister Restanterlister are absentee records of those men who, unlawfully, did not report for military service. The alphabetical lists will usually make a reference to these lists. Restanterlister will also make reference to any other military record about the individual.
Rechercer-sager These records are the records of the investigations conducted on individuals listed in the Restantenlister.
Nachweisunglister Record over the military conscripts who emigrated from the country without permission. In these records you will find information about where the individual resided, when he emigrated, how he emigrated from the country, letters sent to family members left behind, and other miscellanious records.
Værnepligtskort A record of soldiers from Sønderjylland who served in the German military during World War I

Heading Translations of the Alphabetical Lists[edit | edit source]

1. Gemeinde 1. Place
2. Nr. 2. Number
3. Zuname und Vorname 3. First and Last name
4. Datum und Ort (Kreis, Regierungs- Bezirk, Bundesstaat) der Geburt 4. Date and Place (District, Governing district, State) of birth

5. a. Name und Vorname der Eltern

    b. Ob solche leben oder nicht

    c. Gewerbe oder Stand des Vaters

5. a. First and Last name of parents

    b. Whether they are living or deceased

    c. Occupation and status of the father

6. a. Wohnsitz der Eltern oder des Vormundes,

    b. Aufenthaltsort des Militärpflichtigen

6. a. Residence of the parents or guardians

    b. Residence of the one in the military

7. Religion 7. Religion
8. Stand oder Gewerbe 8. Status or Occupation
Resultate der Musterung Conscription Results
9. Im Jahre 9. Year
10. Zur Stammrolle gemeldet Ja oder Nein 10. Reported at the unit roll, Yes or No
11. Größe 11. Height
12. Körperliche Fehler (Werden nach Paragraph, Nummer und Buch- staben der Rekrutirungs- Ordnung bezeichnet) 12. Physical attributes (According to paragraph, number and letter of the designated Recruiting regulation)
13. Vorläufige Entscheidung der Ersatz- Kommission 13. Temporary decision of the replacement commission
14. Loos- nummer ob vorzu- merken oder vorweg einzustellen 14. Lot number whether reserved or adjusted at the front

15. Vor- Stellungs- Liste

       a. Liste

       b. Nr.

15. Presentation List

       a. List

       b. Number

16. Entscheidung der Ober- Ersatz- Kommission 16. Decision of the Upper Replacement Commission