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When the Spaniards arrived in Mexico, they found that native people already had a system of hereditary aristocracy in place. The Spanish ruler respected this system and added to it. People who came from Spain also brought titles of nobility with them. As the colony grew, many asked for the title Hidalgia, to which they were entitled. Mexico does not have many nobility records, but there are a few worth noting:

  • Fernández de Recas, Guillermo S. Cacicazgos y Nobiliario Indígena de la Nueva España (Indian Chiefs and Nobility of New Spain).
  • Martínez Cosio, Leopoldo. Los Caballeros de las Órdenes Militares en México (The Noblemen of the Military Orders in Mexico). México: Editorial Santiago, 1946. (FHL book 972 D5m; film 0283587.)
  • Muñoz Altea, Fernando. Blasones y Apellidos (Coats of Arms and Noble surnames). México: Joaquín Porrúa, S.A. de C.V., 1987. (FHL book 972 D6m.)
  • Ortega y Pérez Gallardo, Ricardo. Historia Genealógica de las Familias más Antiguas de México (Genealogical History of the Oldest Families of Mexico). Austin, Texas: Golightly-Payne-Coon Company, 1957. (FHL films 0283555–0283556.)

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