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How to Edit the Body of the Society Page

Editing Tool Bar

  • Editing a society wiki page is a lot like editing in a word processing program such as Microsoft Word and the buttons do the same function.  Such as the bold, italic, and underline buttons.  The numbered list and bulleted list also work the same.
  • Sign in to the Wiki, and click on the "Edit This Page" button. You will now see a tool bar (shown below) at the top of the page:

Editing tool bar.jpg

NOTE: if you see the image below, click on "Rich Editor" button and the tool bar above will appear.

Standard editor with circle.jpg

To learn what each button on the toolbar does, see the Using the Editing Toolbar wiki article.

Working With Headings

  • Your society page already has headings added to your page. If you do not have information to put under the heading, delete it.
  • If you would like to add a heading:
  • Type in the heading
  • Highlight the heading
  • On the left side of the toolbar, at the end of the Format box, click on the down arrow. Use the drop-down menu to click the heading you want. Heading 3 and Heading 4 are most often used on wiki pages and will match the other headings in your society page.

Bulleted Lists

  • If you wish to add a bulleted list, use the "bulleted list" icon on the toolbar.
  • If you wish to remove the bullet, while on the line, click on the "bulleted list" once. The bullet should disappear.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot indent your bullets in the rich editor.  

Adding an External Link

  • On the toolbar, use the "world" button to add external links to other websites.  You can watch a video online to learn how to add an external link. Click here for written step-by-step instructions.

Adding an Internal Link

Don't Forget to Save!

  • Sometimes the Wiki website will "time out" before you can save it. It is suggested that you save your society page every 10 minutes to keep from losing any information you are adding.
  • To save your page, go to the bottom of the page and type in a general description of the information you added such as, added info, added link, added image, fixed typos, and so on. Then, click "Save page."

How to Edit the Society Infobox