Louth Poor Law Union,Lincolnshire

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History[edit | edit source]

The Louth Poor Law Union was formed on 12th April 1837

For more information on the history of the workhouse, see Peter Higginbotham's web site: www.workhouses.org.uk

Constituent Parishes[edit | edit source]

Alvingham, Lincolnshire
Authorpe, Lincolnshire
Beesby in the Marsh, Lincolnshire
Belleau with Claythorpe, Aby and Greenfield, Lincolnshire
Binbrook St Mary and St Gabriel, Lincolnshire
Biscathorpe, Lincolnshire
Burgh on Bain, Lincolnshire
Burwell, Lincolnshire
Calcethorpe, Lincolnshire
Castle Carlton, Lincolnshire
Claythorpe, Lincolnshire
Conisholme, Lincolnshire
Covenham St Bartholomew, Lincolnshire
Covenham St Mary, Lincolnshire
Donington on Bain, Lincolnshire
East Wykeham, Lincolnshire
Fotherby and Brackenborough, Lincolnshire
Fulstow, Lincolnshire
Gayton le Marsh, Lincolnshire
Gayton le Wold, Lincolnshire
Grainsby, Lincolnshire
Grainthorpe, Lincolnshire
Great Carlton, Lincolnshire
Grimblethorpe, Lincolnshire
Grimoldby, Lincolnshire
Hainton, Lincolnshire
Hannah cum Hagnaby and Markby, Lincolnshire
Haugh, Lincolnshire
Haugham, Lincolnshire
Holton le Clay, Lincolnshire
Keddington, Lincolnshire
Kelstern, Lincolnshire
Legbourne, Lincolnshire
Little Carlton, Lincolnshire
Little Cawthorpe, Lincolnshire
Little Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Louth, Lincolnshire
Louth Park, Lincolnshire
Ludborough, Lincolnshire
Ludford Magna with Ludford Parva, Lincolnshire
Mablethorpe with Stane, Lincolnshire
Maltby le Marsh, Lincolnshire
Manby, Lincolnshire
Marsh Chapel, Lincolnshire
Muckton, Lincolnshire
North Coates, Lincolnshire
North Cockerington, Lincolnshire
North Elkington with South Elkington, Lincolnshire
North Ormesby, Lincolnshire
North Reston, Lincolnshire
North Somercotes, Lincolnshire
North Thoresby, Lincolnshire
Orford, Lincolnshire
Oxcombe, Lincolnshire
Raithby with Hallington, Lincolnshire
Ruckland with Farforth and Maidenwell, Lincolnshire
Saleby with Thoresthorpe, Lincolnshire
Saltfleetby All Saints, Lincolnshire
Saltfleetby St Clement, Lincolnshire
Saltfleetby St Peter, Lincolnshire
Skidbrooke with Saltfleetby Haven, Lincolnshire
South Cockerington, Lincolnshire
South Reston, Lincolnshire
South Somercotes, Lincolnshire
South Thoresby, Lincolnshire
South Willingham, Lincolnshire
Stenigot, Lincolnshire
Stewton, Lincolnshire
Strubby with Woodthorpe, Lincolnshire
Swaby, Lincolnshire
Tathwell, Lincolnshire
Tetney, Lincolnshire
Theddlethorpe All Saints, Lincolnshire
Theddlethorpe St Helen with Mablethorpe St Peter, Lincolnshire
Tothill, Lincolnshire
Trusthorpe, Lincolnshire
Utterby, Lincolnshire
Waithe, Lincolnshire
Walmsgate, Lincolnshire
Welton le Wold, Lincolnshire
Withcall, Lincolnshire
Withern with Stain, Lincolnshire
Worlaby by Louth, Lincolnshire
Wyham with Caldeby, Lincolnshire
Yarburgh, Lincolnshire

Records[edit | edit source]

Lincolnshire Archives, St. Rumbold Street, Lincoln LN2 5AB. Reference Name PL/11

PL/11/101-119: Clerk to the Guardians; PL/11/302-305: Workhouse Master; PL/11/801-805: Non-Poor Law duties devolving upon the Boards of Guardians.