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How to Find the Records[edit | edit source]

Offices to Contact[edit | edit source]

Here are three places to obtain copies of or information from birth, marriage, and death records:

  • Mukhtar: The primary registration unit is the office of the Mukhtar (head of the local government). Each village in Lebanon has a Mukhtar that is in charge of keeping records. See Lebanon Mukhtar Records to learn more about Mukhtars and how to contact them.
  • Bureau of the Census: "If you know the Arabic names and the appropriate dates, you may be able to obtain birth and death certificates from district or central offices of the Bureau of the Census. Address your inquiry to the Census Office in the community (i.e., village, city, county) where your ancestor lived." [1]
  • Muhafazat: Birth, death and marriage records are also kept at the Office of the Registrar in each governate (called muhafazat).[2] The contact information for the Office of the Registrar in each district can be found on the appropriate district page. Click below for the district you need:
District قضاء Governorate محافظة
Beirut بيروت Beirut بيروت
Akkar عكار Akkar عكار
Miniyeh-Danniyeh الضنية North الشمال
Zgharta زغرتا North الشمال
Koura الكورة‎ North الشمال
Batroun البترون‎ North الشمال
Bsharri بشري North الشمال
Tripoli طرابلس North الشمال
Hermel الهرمل Baalbek-Hermel بعلبك - الهرمل
Baalbek بعلبك Baalbek-Hermel بعلبك - الهرمل
Byblos جبيل Mount Lebanon جبل لبنان
Keserwan كسروان Mount Lebanon جبل لبنان
Matn المتن Mount Lebanon جبل لبنان
Baabda بعبدا Mount Lebanon جبل لبنان
Aley عاليه Mount Lebanon جبل لبنان
Chouf الشوف Mount Lebanon جبل لبنان
Zahlé زحلة Beqaa البقاع
Western Beqaa البقاع الغربي Beqaa البقاع
Rashaya راشيا Beqaa البقاع
Hasbaya حاصبيا Nabatieh النبطية
Marjeyoun مرجعيون Nabatieh النبطية
Nabatieh النبطية Nabatieh النبطية
Bint Jbeil بنت جبيل Nabatieh النبطية
Tyre صور South الجنوب
Sidon صيدا South الجنوب
Jezzine جزين South الجنوب

Historical Background[edit | edit source]

Lebanon has kept civil records since about 1920. Before that, they were part of the Ottoman Record, where records were kept as well.

  • The civil registration system in Lebanon is centralized. The ... Ministry of Interior and Municipalities is responsible for the registration of vital events such as births, deaths, marriages and divorces.... There are 52 registry offices working under the central office through regional departments in 6 provinces. The primary registration unit is the mayor’s office in the village. The appointed civil registrars records vital events and issue certificate or permit (burial permit for deaths). The local registrar also reports civil registration data to higher level offices.[3]

Coverage and Compliance[edit | edit source]

Information Recorded in the Records[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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