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915 Gordon Avenue
Layton, Utah 84041
(801) 784-2100

The Center is closed until further notice

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Layton Utah FamilySearch Center Classroom B

The Layton FamilySearch Center offers a wide variety of classes for beginning to intermediate users of the FamilySearch program. Each of our classes are taught in our modern computer classrooms where each student has their own computer. Our teachers are friendly and well-versed in all aspects of FamilySearch. They will walk you through each step of each lesson so you don't miss a thing.

Please ensure you have your and usernames and passwords prior to attending our classes. If you do not yet have a FamilySearch account, follow the link below to learn how to create a FamilySearch account.

To see a list and description of our classes or to make a reservation, please follow one of the links below. If you must cancel your reservation, please follow the cancellation link found in your confirmation email, or follow the cancellation link below.

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