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For a list of archives and libraries on the national level, go to the Scotland Archives and Libraries page.

Archives[edit | edit source]

Glasgow Caledonian University Archive Centre
Cowcaddens Road
Glasgow G4 0BA UK
Telephone: 0141 273 1188
Website: Glasgow Caledonian University Archive Centre

The Archive Centre houses the University’s archives and special collections. The subject strengths of our archives and collections are Scottish left wing politics, trades unions, campaign, and pressure groups; Scottish social work, social policy and child welfare; Scottish public health; Scottish social enterprise; and our contribution to the development of Scottish higher education from the late 19th century onwards (dating back to 1875 and the formation of the Glasgow School of Cookery). There is an overriding theme of Scottish social history and social justice present in our archives and special collections.

Glasgow City Archives
Mitchell Library
220 High Street
Glasgow G4 0QW UK
Telephone: 0141 287 4350
Email #2:
Website: Glasgow City Archives

Explore Glasgow's rich and fascinating history through the public records held in Archives. Enjoy the wonderful documentary heritage of Glasgow and the west of Scotland over eight centuries.

Glasgow University Archive Services
13 Thurso Street (main searchroom)
Glasgow G11 6PE UK
77-87 Dumbarton Road (ground-level searchroom)
Glasgow G11 6PW UK
Telephone: 0141 330 5515
Website: Glasgow University Archive Services

Archive Services is the central place of deposit for the records of the University created and accumulated since its foundation in 1451. We act as the guardian of the University’s collective memory as revealed in the records of management, administration, staff, and students and thus protect the rights of all members of the University community. Our oldest records are charters dating from 1304 conveying land and privileges that eventually came into University hands. We are also concerned to ensure that a selection of today’s digital records will be available for use in future centuries. We are the recognised guardians of Scotland’s business and industrial history. Our remit is to acquire, preserve, and develop the use of these records by a local and global academic community and the wider public.

North Lanarkshire Archives
North Lanarkshire Heritage Centre
High Road
Motherwell ML1 3HU UK
Telephone: 01698 274597
Website: North Lanarkshire Archives

North Lanarkshire Archives collects and preserves the historical records of North Lanarkshire, covering the areas of Airdrie, Bellshill, Coatbridge, Cumbernauld, Kilsyth, Motherwell, Shotts, Stepps, and Wishaw.

South Lanarkshire Council Archives and Records Centre
30 Hawbank Road
East Kilbride G74 5EX UK
Telephone: 01355 239193
Website: South Lanarkshire Council Archives and Records Centre

Our Archives and Information Management Service, based at the South Lanarkshire Council Archives and Records Centre, is responsible for the selection and preservation of records and archives relating to the South Lanarkshire area. We select and preserve the records of Council and the local authorities that existed before South Lanarkshire came into being. We also preserve the records of local organisations, businesses and individuals. Archives are the unique, irreplaceable records of government, business, organisations and people. You can use archives to research your family tree, the building of your house and the development of your local area and community, and to investigate the actions of local and central government.

Libraries[edit | edit source]

City of Glasgow[edit | edit source]

Anniesland Library
833 Crow Road
Glasgow G13 1LE UK
Telephone: 0141 276 1622
Website: Anniesland Library

Baillieston Library
141 Main Street
Glasgow G69 6AA UK
Telephone: 0141 276 0706
Website: Baillieston Library

Barmulloch Library
46 Wallacewell Quadrant
Glasgow G21 3PX UK
Telephone: 0141 276 0875
Website: Barmulloch Library

Bridgeton Library
2-16 Orr St
Glasgow G40 2QH UK
Telephone: 0141 276 0870
Website: Bridgeton Library

Cardonald Library
1113 Mosspark Drive
Glasgow G52 3BU UK
Telephone: 0141 276 0880
Website: Cardonald Library

Castlemilk Library
100 Castlemilk Drive
Glasgow G45 9TN UK
Telephone: 0141 276 0731
Website: Castlemilk Library

Couper Institute Library
84 Clarkston Road
Glasgow G44 3DA UK
Telephone: 0141 276 0771
Website: Couper Institute Library

Dennistoun Library
2 Craigpark
Glasgow G31 2NA UK
Telephone: 0141 276 0768
Website: Dennistoun Library

Drumchapel Library
65 Hecla Avenue
Glasgow G15 8LX UK
Telephone: 0141 276 1545
Website: Drumchapel Library

Elder Park Library
228A Langlands Road
Glasgow G51 3TZ UK
Telephone: 0141 276 1540
Website: Elder Park Library

Gorbals Library
180 Crown Street
Glasgow G5 9XD UK
Telephone: 0141 429 0949
Website: Gorbals Library

Govanhill Library
170 Langside Road
Glasgow G42 7JU UK
Telephone: 0141 276 1550
Website: Govanhill Library

Hillhead Library
348 Byres Road
Glasgow G12 8AP UK
Telephone: 0141 276 1617
Website: Hillhead Library

Ibrox Library
1 Midlock Street
Glasgow G51 1SL UK
Telephone: 0141 276 0712
Website: Ibrox Library

Knightswood Library
27 Dunterlie Avenue
Glasgow G13 3BBL UK
Telephone: 0141 276 1555
Website: Knightswood Library

Langside Library
2 Sinclair Drive
Glasgow G42 9QE UK
Telephone: 0141 276 0777
Website: Langside Library

Library at GoMA
Royal Exchange Square
Glasgow G1 3AH UK
Telephone: 0141 287 3010
Website: Library at GoMA

Library at The Bridge
1000 Westerhouse Road
Glasgow G34 9JW UK
Telephone: 0141 276 9712
Website: Library at The Bridge

Maryhill Library
1508 Maryhill Road
Glasgow G20 9AD UK
Telephone: 0141 276 0715
Website: Maryhill Library

Milton Library
204 Liddesdale Road
Glasgow G22 7QR UK
Telephone: 0141 276 0885
Website: Milton Library

The Mitchell Library
North Street
Glasgow G3 7DN UK
Telephone: 0141 287 2999
Website: The Mitchell Library

Parkhead Library
64 Tollcross Road
Glasgow G31 4XA UK
Telephone: 0141 276 1530
Website: Parkhead Library

Partick Library
305 Dumbarton Road
Glasgow G11 6AB UK
Telephone: 0141 276 1560
Website: Partick Library

Pollok Library
27 Cowglen Road
Glasgow G53 6EN UK
Telephone: 0141 276 6877
Website: Pollok Library

Pollokshaws Library
50-60 Shawbridge Street
Glasgow G43 1RW UK
Telephone: 0141 276 1535
Website: Pollokshaws Library

Pollokshields Library
30 Leslie Street
Glasgow G41 2LF UK
Telephone: 0141 276 1685
Website: Pollokshields Library

Possilpark Library
127 Allander Street
Glasgow G22 5JJ UK
Telephone: 0141 276 0928
Website: Possilpark Library

Riddrie Library
1020 Cumbernauld Road
Glasgow G33 2QF UK
Telephone: 0141 276 0690
Website: Riddrie Library

Royston Library
67 Royston Road
Glasgow G21 2QW UK
Telephone: 0141 276 0891
Website: Royston Library

Shettleston Library
154 Wellshot Road
Shettleston G32 7AX UK
Telephone: 0141 276 1643
Website: Shettleston Library

Springburn Library
10 Kay Street
Glasgow G21 1JY UK
Telephone: 0141 276 1690
Website: Springburn Library

Whiteinch Library
14 Victoria Park Drive South
Glasgow G14 9RL UK
Telephone: 0141 276 0695
Website: Whiteinch Library

Woodside Library
343 St Georges Road
Glasgow G3 6TQ UK
Telephone: 0141 276 1609
Website: Woodside Library

North Lanarkshire[edit | edit source]

Abronhill Library
17 Pine Road
G67 3BE UK
Telephone: 01236 731503
Website: Abronhill Library

Airdrie Public Library
Airdrie ML6 0AG UK
Telephone: 01236 758070
Website: Airdrie Public Library

Bellshill Cultural Centre Library
John Street
Bellshill ML4 1RJ UK
Telephone: 01698 346770
Website: Bellshill Cultural Centre Library

Bishopbriggs Library
170 Kirkintilloch Road
Bishopbriggs G64 2LX UK
Telephone: 0141 777 3155
Website: Bishopbriggs Library

Chapelhall Library
2 Honeywell Crescent
Chapelhall, Airdrie ML6 8XW UK
Telephone: 01236 750099
Website: Chapelhall Library

Chryston Library
Lindsaybeg Road
Chryston G69 9DL UK
Telephone: 01236 856281
Website: Chryston Library

Cleland Library
Main Street
Cleland ML1 5QW UK
Telephone: 01698 860487
Website: Cleland Library

Coatbridge Library
Buchanan Centre
126 Main Street
Coatbridge ML5 3BJ UK
Telephone: 01236 856444
Website: Coatbridge Library

Condorrat Library
North Road
Condorrat G68 9AE UK
Telephone: 01236 736615
Website: Condorrat Library

Moodiesburn Library
Glenmanor Avenue
Moodiesburn G69 0DL UK
Telephone: 01236 856295
Website: Moodiesburn Library

Motherwell Library
35 Hamilton Road
Motherwell ML1 3BZ UK
Telephone: 01698 332626
Website: Motherwell Library

New Stevenston Library
Coronation Road East
New Stevenston ML1 4HX UK
Telephone: 01698 403787
Website: New Stevenston Library

Newarthill Library
Kirkhall Road
Newarthill ML1 5BB UK
Telephone: 01698 732033
Website: Newarthill Library

Newmains Library
NCT Centre
15 Manse Road
Newmains ML2 9AX UK
Telephone: 01698 520680
Website: Newmains Library

Shotts Library
Benhar Road
Shotts ML7 5EN UK
Telephone: 01501 821556
Website: Shotts Library

Stepps Library
10 Blenheim Avenue
Stepps G33 6FH UK
Telephone: 01236 638555
Website: Stepps Library

Viewpark Library
Burnhead Street
Viewpark G71 5AT UK
Telephone: 01698 812801
Website: Viewpark Library

Wishaw Library
Houldsworth Centre
Wishaw ML2 7LP UK
Telephone: 01698 524960
Website: Wishaw Library

South Lanarkshire[edit | edit source]

Avondale Community Wing (Strathaven Library)
Overton Road
Strathaven ML10 6JW UK
Telephone: 01357 521167
Website: Avondale Community Wing

Biggar Library
Market Road
Biggar ML12 6FX UK
Telephone: 01899 222060
Website: Biggar Library

Blackwood and Kirkmuirhill Community Wing (Library)
Blackwood Primary School
Carlisle Road
Kirkmuirhill ML11 9SB UK
Telephone: 01555 896638
Website: Blackwood and Kirkmuirhill Community Wing (Library)

Blantyre Library
1A Clydeview Shopping Centre
Glasgow Road
Blantyre G72 0QD UK
Telephone: 01698 823808
Website: Blantyre Library

Bothwell Library
The Donald Institute
2 Main Street
Bothwell G71 8RG UK
Telephone: 01698 853150
Website: Bothwell Library

Burnbank Library
Burnbank Centre
76 Burnbank Road
Hamilton ML3 ONA UK
Telephone: 01698 285730
Website: Burnbank Library

Calderwood Library
Calderwood, East Kilbride G74 3HW UK
Telephone: 01355 224170
Website: Calderwood Library

Cambuslang Library
Cambuslang Gate
27 Main Street
Cambuslang G72 7EX UK
Telephone: 0141 584 2530
Website: Cambuslang Library

Carluke Library
Carnwath Road
Carluke ML8 4DF UK
Telephone: 01555 772134
Website: Carluke Library

Cathkin Library
21 Lovat Place
Cathkin, Rutherglen G73 5HS UK
Telephone: 0141 634 1249
Website: Cathkin Library

East Kilbride Library
The Olympia Shopping Centre
East Kilbride G74 1PG UK
Telephone: 01355 220046
Website: East Kilbride Library

Fairhill Library
South Lanarkshire Lifestyles Fairhill
Neilsland Road
Hamilton ML3 8HJ UK
Telephone: 01698 456350
Website: Fairhill Library

Forth Library
Forth Primary School
Main Street
Forth ML11 8AE UK
Telephone: 01555 811594
Website: Forth Library

Greenhills Library
Greenhills Square
East Kilbride G75 8TT UK
Telephone: 01355 242951
Website: Greenhills Library

Halfway Library
211 Hamilton Road
Halfway G72 7PJ UK
Telephone: 0141 641 2762
Website: Halfway Library

Hamilton Town House Library
102 Cadzow Street
Hamilton ML3 6HH UK
Telephone: 01698 452122
Website: Hamilton Town House Library

Hillhouse Library
Hillhouse Road
Hamilton ML3 9TX UK
Telephone: 01698 710400
Website: Hillhouse Library

Lanark Library
16 Hope Street
Lanark ML11 7LZ UK
Telephone: 01555 661144
Website: Lanark Library

Larkhall Library
Larkhall Area Office
30 Union Street
Larkhall ML9 1DR UK
Telephone: 01698 452469
Website: Larkhall Library

Lesmahagow Library
48 Abbeygreen
Lesmahagow Ml11 0EF UK
Telephone: 01555 892606
Website: Lesmahagow Library

Rutherglen Library
163 Main Street
Rutherglen G73 2HB UK
Telephone: 0141 643 1296
Website: Rutherglen Library

St Leonards Library
St Leonards Square
East Kilbride G74 2AT UK
Telephone: 01355 241573
Website: St Leonards Library

Stonehouse Library
South Lanarkshire Lifestyles Stonehouse
2 Udston Mill Road
Stonehouse ML9 3JL UK
Telephone: 01698 794380
Website: Stonehouse Library

Uddingston Library
51 Bellshill Road
Uddingston G71 7PA UK
Telephone: 01698 813431
Website: Uddingston Library

For a list of Lanarkshire libraries, go to List of libraries in Scotland in Wikipedia. Scroll down to City of Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, and South Lanarkshire. The parishes in historic Lanarkshire are listed in the FamilySearch Research Wiki.

Museums[edit | edit source]

Glasgow[edit | edit source]

Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery
Hunterian Museum
Gilbert Scott building
University of Glasgow
Glasgow G12 8QQ UK
Telephone: 0141 330 4221
Website: Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery

People's Palace
Glasgow Green
Templeton Street
Glasgow G40 1AT UK
Telephone: 0141 276 0788
Website: People's Palace

Scotland Street School Museum
225 Scotland Street
Glasgow G5 8QB UK
Telephone: 0141 287 0500
Website: Scotland Street School Museum

North Lanarkshire[edit | edit source]

North Lanarkshire Heritage Centre
High Rd
Motherwell ML1 3HU UK
Telephone: 01698 274590
Website: North Lanarkshire Heritage Centre

South Lanarkshire[edit | edit source]

Biggar & Upper Clydesdale Museum
156 High St
Biggar ML12 6DH UK
Telephone: 01899 221 050
Website: Biggar & Upper Clydesdale Museum

John Hastie Museum
8 Threestanes Rd
Strathaven ML10 6DX UK
Telephone: 01357 521257
Website: John Hastie Museum

Lanark Museum and the Royal Burgh of Lanark Museum Trust
29 Bloomgate (YMCA)
Lanark ML11 9ET UK
Telephone: 01555 666680
Website: Lanark Museum and the Royal Burgh of Lanark Museum Trust

Low Parks Museum
129 Muir Street
Hamilton ML3 6BJ UK
Telephone: 01698 452382
Website: Low Parks Museum

For a list of Lanarkshire museums, go to List of museums in Scotland in Wikipedia. Scroll down to Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, and South Lanarkshire. The parishes in historic Lanarkshire are listed in the FamilySearch Research Wiki.