Island Park, Fremont County, Idaho Genealogy

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4562 Highway 20 in Island Park

Island Park City Cemetery Information

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Little Church In the Pines
North Big Springs Loop Road
Island Park, ID 83429

(208) 558-9394

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The Idaho State Archives in Boise has a collection of city, county, state and regional directories.

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History[edit | edit source]

Expedition of trappers, working for the Missouri Fur Company arrived in the area in 1810. Island Park is bordered by the Buffalo River, Split Creek, Little Warm River, Tom Creek, and Chick Creek. When the trappers enter they found various tribes of the North American Indians. The Shoshonean Indians were the most dominate in the area. The Shoshonean branches included the Eastern Shoshone (Snake), the Bannocks, the Lemhis, and the Tukyarikas (Sheepeaters). Occasionally the Blackfeet, Crow, Flathead, and the Nez Perce tribes would come to the area.

Gilman Sawtall was the first settler in 1868. The second settler was Richard “Dick” Rock, was an Indian fighter, hunter and raised wild baby animals for zoos.The Railroad used this area for loading railroad ties and cattle. Later the Tie Company, which was headquartered at the Island Park, was designated to operate a Post Office with the title of “Island Park”.

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Island Park News
PO Box 410
Island Park, ID. 83429

Telephone: 208.558.0267

Historical[edit | edit source]

There are no copies of Island Park newspapers in the collections of the Idaho State Archives in Boise, Idaho but papers from nearby towns which are in the Archives may be of interest to residents of Island Park.

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