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Armed Forces records (including Police Force) for Indonesian citizens no longer in the military service are available. For those serving since 1950 with the rank of lieutenant and higher, records are issued by the General Personnel Office (Dan Jen Induk Personil) for either the Indonesian Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines, or the Police, in Jakarta. Records are not available for either enlisted personnel or officers who served before 1950. If required, however, the person concerned can execute an affidavit before the Bupati or Camat (under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Home Affairs). The affidavit must be verified and approved by the proper authorities of the Minister of Defense in Jakarta or the concerned Central Personnel Office. The military records of Dutch nationals and citizens formerly or presently residing in Indonesia ("the Uittreksel uit het Stamboek and de straflijst") can be obtained gratis only from The Hague, the Netherlands. The records of persons who had served in the "KL" (army and air force) are obtained from the Ministry of Admiralty, and those who had served in the "KNIL" from the Military Affairs Section of the Ministry of Union and Overseas Affairs.

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