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Jurisdictions[edit | edit source]

There are five levels of jurisdiction in Indonesia.

  • Level 0 is the national level, the soverign state of Indonesia (Negara)
  • Level 1 are the 34 provinces (provinsi) and special territories (daerah istimewa)
  • Level 2 are cities {kota) and regencies (kabupaten)
  • Level 3 are districts (distrik) and subdistrict (kecamatan)
  • Level 4 are villages (kelurahan and desa). In Aceh province they are known as gampong and in West Sumatra as nagari.

District Court[edit | edit source]

Many of the records held by FamilySearch come from the Pengadilan Negeri (district court). These courts are located in cities (kota) and regencies (kabupaten) and as a first level court have authority over civil and criminal cases. During the Dutch colonial period (1602-1945) the district courts were known as laandraad.