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Genealogical collections and family histories (Koleksi silsilah)[edit | edit source]

This record type broadly contains compiled genealogies, organized collections of lineage data, family histories, pedigrees, family and community genealogies, whether manuscript or published. These contain the results of previous research such as pedigree lineage information and may lead to the original sources of documentation. Often provide information from record types, areas, and time periods where we have not yet been able to acquire the original records.

Generally these works include names of individuals; dates and places of birth, marriage, and death; names of parents and children. Many include histories and illustrations of ancestors and ancestral homes. Community genealogies list families of a specific place. May provide source citations or copies of documents. Many are indexed. Most are found in private collections, libraries, archives, and other repositories. When using compiled genealogies remember the information is only as accurate as the compiler, and is subject to error. Generally, family histories are a reliable source but should always be verified with primary sources.

Online Records[edit | edit source]

Oral Genealogies[edit | edit source]

GSU-trained interviewers collected oral genealogies, 1979–1982

  • Nias people: Nias Island, North Sumatra (16 films)
  • Batak people: Toba from Tapanuli Utara Regency, North Sumatra (53 films)
  • Toraja people: Kabupaten Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi (7 films)

Batak People[edit | edit source]

Batak societies are patriarchal and organized as clans known as marga, descending from one ancestor, Si Raja Batak. A family tree defined through father-son relationships is called tarombo. The GSU transcribed 76 microfilms of Batak oral genealogies over four years of fieldwork.

Kalimantan People[edit | edit source]

GSU-trained interviewers collected oral genealogies, 1979–1982

Others[edit | edit source]

Oral genealogy plays a major role in the cultures of these people

  • Dayak people
  • Ngaju, Ma’anyan, and Siang tribes
  • Kalimantan, Borneo

Online Records[edit | edit source]

FamilySearch Catalog[edit | edit source]

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Many oral genealogies can be found in the FamilySearch catalog:

Browse a List of Oral Genealogies[edit | edit source]

Search by Place[edit | edit source]

  • Go to Indonesia in the FamilySearch Catalog
  • Once there, click on "Places within Indonesia"
  • Go to the smallest possible jurisdictional level of your place of interest
  • Click on the "Genealogy" topic

Search by Keyword[edit | edit source]

  • Go to the FamilySearch Catalog
  • Click on the Keyword link
  • Type in the search field the town of residence, the surname of the family that you are researching, and the phrase oral genealogy interview. The name search will be limited, finding only the name of the person who was interviewed. For a more complete search by name, use the FamilySearch Genealogies Index.