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This is an overview of reference aids useful in the Hungarian research. It is not intended to be a complete bibliography.


1. Euro-Reiseatlas Hungary 1:300 000. 1996. Road atlas for Hungary. Includes city plans for Budapest, Debrecen, Györ, Miskolc, Pécs, Sopron, and Szeged. FHL book 943.9 E7e.

2. Militär-Landesaufnahme und Spezialkarte der österreichisch-ungarischen Monarchie. 1879-1928. Military detail and topographical maps of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. FHL film 1045395.

3. A történelmi magyarország atlasza és adattára 1914, 1:4000 000. 2001. Atlas and gazetteer of historic Hungary 1914. FHL book 943.9 E7t.

To learn more about maps for Hungary see Maps.


1. Magyarország helységnévtára tekintettel a közigazgatási, népességi és hitfelekezeti viszonyokra. János Dvorzsák. 1877. Gazetteer of Hungary with Administrative, Populational, and Ecclesiastical Circumstances. FHL book 943.9 E5d (vol.1-2) and FHL fiche 6000840.

  • Vol. 1 lists all place names in alphabetical order, followed by the name of the historical county and a set of numbers. These numbers refer to the gazetteer entry in Vol. 2.. FHL film 599564 item 3.
  • Vol. 2 gives specific information about the locality, including parish FHL film 973041.

2. A Magyar Szent Korona Országainak Helységnévtára. 1913. Gazetteer of Hungary, divided into sections for Hungary and for Croatia. FHL book 943.9 E5m (vol. 1-2).

3. Magyar helységnév-azonosító szótár. György Lelkes. 1998. Gazetteer of Hungarian localities based on 1913 boundaries. FHL book 943.9 E5Lg.

To learn more about gazetters for Hungary, including instructions and examples, see Gazetteers.


1. Handy guide to Hungarian genealogical records. Jared H. Suess. 1980. FHL book 943.9 D27s.

To learn more about genealogical handbooks for Hungary see Genealogy.