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  • 1907 Oklahoma laws required counties to record marriages
  • In Oklahoma, copies of marriage records are not sent to the state

Finding Oklahoma Marriage Records[edit | edit source]

Next Step: When did the marriage occur? [edit | edit source]

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Marriages Before 1890[edit | edit source]

The following Findmypast collection includes marriage records for this period:

Before 1890, no marriages were recorded by the county or state. 1830's to 1889 very few records exist, some recorded in district courts.

Oklahoma became a state in 1907. Prior to statehood it was Indian Territory from the 1830's to 1890. In 1890 Oklahoma was divided into two Territories (Twin Territories) Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory.

In 1890 three Judicial Districts were established where marriages could be performed and recorded:

  • First District: at Muskogee included Cherokee and Creek Nations
  • Second District: at South McAlester included Choctaw Nation,
  • Third District: at Ardmore included Seminole and Chickasaw Nations

Prior to statehood non-Indians traveled to another state, went back home to marry or were married by a minister or ranking officer at nearby fort.

Marriages performed in Oklahoma Territory were recorded in County Clerk's office.

If you cannot locate your ancestor in the databases here, try searching for marriage information in other records.

1. Look first in 2. Then search
Church Records

Military Records

Census Records

Cemetery Records
Death Records
Bible Records

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Marriages 1890 to Present[edit | edit source]

  • Marriage licenses are kept in the county where the marriage occurred

STEP ONE: Find Marriage Information in Index[edit | edit source]

  Oklahoma Marriage Database - Includes Index and Digital Images
United States Marriages – Oklahoma, 1790-1998 ($); index and images at Findmypast
Oklahoma, County Marriages, 1890-1995 Free; name index with images online at FamilySearch. Also on Ancestry ($), free at family history centers.
Web: Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, Marriage Index, 1889-1951 Free; name index. Incomplete.
Oklahoma, County Marriages, 1870-1930 Free; name index only, from Oklahoma County Courthouse in Oklahoma City, OK. Also on Ancestry ($), free at family history centers, and MyHeritage ($).
Can't find your ancestor in the online index? Tips for searching online indexes
No marriage record for your ancestor?

Search for Gretna Greens-- locations away from the home county where marriage laws were less restrictive.

Other records with marriage information

STEP TWO: Obtain the Record[edit | edit source]

If you did not find your ancestor in the databases above, follow the instructions below:

PART A: You don't know the exact date or place of marriage

  • If you know the county of marriage, you can request a search for a fee from the county clerk.
  • If you don't know the date or county of marriage, you can also try searching for marriage information in other records.

PART B: You know the exact date and place of marriage from your records

  • Order a copy of a marriage record for a fee from the county clerk.


  • View a copy of a marriage record on microfilm at a Family Search Center:

Some images of county marriage records may be available on microfilm at your local Family Search Center. If you know the approximate date and county where the marriage took place, use the FamilySearch Catalog to see what is available.

  • Search the FamilySearch Catalog by county.
  • Select the topic Vital Records. Look for records authored by the county clerk.
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American Indian Marriage Records[edit | edit source]

Prior to 1907, when Oklahoma became a state, if either the bride or groom were citizens of an American Indian tribe the marriage records may be included in the Five Civilized Tribe records or the Agency records of their respective tribe.

Marriages for Tahlequah, Sequoyah and Illinois Districts, 1839-1910 FHL films 1666207 item 5 Film 1666237 item 7

Marriages for Going Snake District, 1880-1898 FHL film 1666332

Marriages for Flint District, 1874-1895 FHL film 1666331 item 3 and item 8

Marriage records for Tahlelquah District 1892-1897 FHL film 1666341 item 12

Marriage records for Saline District 1868-1894 FHL film 1666337 items 1 and 2

Marriage records for Illinois District, 1868-1898 FHL film 1666334 items 1 and 2

Marriage records for Cooweescoowee District, 1867-1898 FHL film 1666317

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