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Images in English[edit source]

Since this is an article written in English, the pictures should be in English also. The pictures are not very helpful if they cannot be read. Sabwoo 00:24, 26 January 2016 (UTC)

Link article to another help article[edit source]

At the bottom of the instructions for submitting images for approval there is a statement regarding the need to add the image to an article after it's been approved. Those instructions should be linked to the other article that explains that process. --Fran 15:34, 16 April 2010 (UTC)

Changes have been made to answer the above concern. See Step 12 in the article.

Reason for creating this help page[edit source]

I have struggled with getting images to the right file size for the Wiki.  I wrote the following article for myself to refer to when I want to upload an image.  If others think it could be useful, I can post it as an article, or I will just leave it here under discussion.

I am fairly new to working with digital images. After several failed attempts to import images into the Wiki, I came up with the following procedure. All images I have uploaded using these guidelines have been accepted. If anyone knows a simpler way to get images into the Wiki, I would be glad to hear about it.

How to prepare an image for use in the Wiki for Dummies

Download image to My Documents/My Pictures.

Open the image in PowerPoint.  Double click on the image if you want to enhance color, brightness, contrast, or add text or lines, change borders, etc.

Right click on the image; Save the image as a PNG file or a JPEG file. PNG format seems to take more manipulation to get the image to the correct number of bytes for the WIKI. PNG is a file type that is specific for sharing (Portable Networks Graphic). JPEG files tend to deteriorate as you save them multiple times. When possible, it is better to use the PNG format.

Open the folder where you saved the image. Note how many bytes the file contains. You will need to reduce the bytes to about 55,000 or less for the Wiki. Right click on the file name and “Open With” Paint. Click “Image” then “Stretch and Skew” to bring the image “attributes” to about 350x250 pixels or smaller, and 55,000 or less bytes. I do this by changing the vertial and horizontal settings to whatever percentage of the image bytes will bring it to about 75,000 bytes.  Save the image. The size and type of file is listed in your directory where it is saved.

One thing I don’t understand is that the “image attributes” in Paint typically shows a much larger file than what appears when it is saved in My Documents. I found I can keep the image to about 75,000 bytes and it saves as under 55,000 bytes in my directory.

Added the above to artical on preparing images for the Wiki. Sabwoo 01:06, 26 January 2016 (UTC)

Image Preparation[edit source]

Yes, count 1 vote for  "How to prepare an image for use in the Wiki for Dummies", whoever you are.

I sent in a Feedback on similar for the instructional image video that also applies to the written instructions:

Sizing instructions need more coverage or a reference to handling sizing. For example, I am trying to create a very similar page for the Los Angeles Family History Library page from the Riverton FamilySearch Library page.

Throughout the Riverton pages are 3 pictures stacked on the left. One picture only, but always the same size, 260 x 720, I believe, at the moment.

The image instruction only lets you tell it the width OR the height, but not both. I suppose, and will test it, that it keeps the proportions, but takes it's end result starting with the width or height box entry that you input.

---  Your 'Dummies' entry gives me another direction.  I will contact the Riverton site's image person for info.  I have also requested a Wiki Mentor for help.  I will update this with anything significant that I learn.  If we get good instructions who do we ask to link them to on the the instructions to the Submitting Images page?

Warren 10:59, 2 Sept 2011