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Snipping Tool[edit | edit source]

Snip & Sketch

Many times when looking for images for our articles, you might find what you are looking for, but it is part of a larger image. To be able to grab a portion of an image, there is a free program that comes with Windows called "Snip & Sketch". This frequently used program allows us to to take screenshots (snip) and make changes to the resulting images (sketch), then save that snipped part rather than the whole image.

Here is how it's done:

  • Bring up the article that contains the image you desire to capture and personalize.
  • Access Snip & Sketch by holding down both the Windows icon key and the Shift key, then pressing "S".
  • The article on your screen will be shaded.
  • As you move your mouse, you will see a white cross appear on the page.
  • With your mouse, place this white cross on one corner of the image you want to capture.
  • Press the left button on the mouse and drag the white cross to the opposite corner of the image you want to capture. As you do so a white box appears showing you the area you will be saving.
  • Release the left mouse button and the bottom right side of your screen will display a black box containing the image selected and the words: "Snip saved to clipboard".
  • Click on that box and the clipped image appears on your screen.
  • Using the icons above the image, you can select to edit and/or save the clipped image.
  • Once the image is saved to your computer, it is ready to be uploaded into Wiki.

Click on this Snip & Sketch link to view a 3-minute youtube 'features demonstration' from a member of the Windows engineering team.

Paint procedure[edit | edit source]

Paint is a program we use to change the extension of a image from say a JPEG to a PNG. JPEG images sometime give us problems when trying to create image maps. To eliminate that problem, it is a good idea to convert JEPGs to PNGs if you plan to create a image map with them. Paint is a free program and part of Windows.

  • Bring up your Windows menu and click on "Paint"

Paint lesson2.PNG

  • Click on File.
  • On the drop down menu, click on "Open."
  • Double click on the image you want to change the extension on, that is in your computer files.
  • Click on File again
  • Click on Save As
  • A drop down menu appears. At the upper right hand corner of the menu is PNG picture. Click on that.
  • Your image is now save with a PNG extension in your computer.

Html7.jpg Just a reminder: Make sure that you check copyright permissions as you import the file into Wiki.