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Headers[edit | edit source]

  • Headers are the large printed words that head a section on the page.
  • Headers create an editable section. You will notice the text "edit source" written in blue, within square brackets "[ ]" to the right of the header name. Put your mouse over it to see the words "Edit section: (name of the header)."
  • By default, at least four headers will create a Table of Contents at the top of the page.
  • To not have a Table of Contents, enter the coding __NOTOC__ any place on a page (two underscores, NOTOC, two underscores). Note: these are usually at the end of Wiki Articles.

The different sizes of headers[edit | edit source]

Header One

Header Two

Header Three

Header Four

Header Five
Header Six

Wiki code for headers[edit | edit source]

=Header One=
==Header Two==
===Header Three===
====Header Four====
=====Header Five=====
======Header Six======

  • NOTICE "equal signs" on either side of the headers.
  • NOTICE the number of equal signs determines size of font.

Uses of Headers[edit | edit source]

  • Header One - creates the largest headers.
  • Header Two - most used header and has a line under it to separate the major sections.
  • Header Three - used mostly as subheaders to header twos.
  • Header Four - used mostly as subheaders to header threes.
  • Header Five and Header Six - rarely used, but they do have their uses.


Header three is really a subsection of header two. It is poor writing practice to have just one header three under a header two. Be sure there are at least two. Otherwise change the header two to read what you would have put in header three. This goes for using header fours under header threes.

Edit Boxes[edit | edit source]

  • When headers are created using equal signs, an edit box appears, within square brackets"[ ]" just to the right of the header name --- AFTER YOU HAVE SAVED YOUR CODING.
  • Clicking on this allows you to edit the material under the header down to the next header, but nothing else on the page.
  • This allows you to edit a small section rather than having to find it after clicking on Edit source at the top of the page and searching for that section through the entire page of code.

Try these out[edit | edit source]

  • To practice working with headers, either split your screen or put your sandbox wikitext practice page on your other monitor.
  • Try these these little exercises in your sandbox page:
  1. Make a Header Two from the words: "History”
  2. Make a Header Three from the words; "Vital Records”
  3. Make a Header Four from the words: "Birth Certificates”

Click on the Check your answer link below and compare your answers. The proper coding will appear in the answers as well.

Quick Quiz
  • We don't use Header One in FamilySearch Wiki articles
  • Header Five and Six are rarely used
  • Header Two works well in FamilySearch WIki
  • Avoid using Header Three and Header Four in articles