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Visual Editor toolbar[edit | edit source]

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Text styling[edit | edit source]

Text style

You can make changes to the style or appearance of text. Highlight the text you want to alter and select the text style from the drop down menu:

  • Bold - makes the text bold.
  • Italic - makes the text italic.
  • Superscript - turns text into a superscript.
  • Subscript - turns the text into a subscript.
  • Strikethrough - puts a line through the text.
  • Computer code[1] - inserts HTML tags <code> and </code> around text you highlighted, which changes the default setting of the font.
  • Underline - draws a line under text.
  • Language[2] - changes language using ISO[3] coding such as "en" for English.
  • Big - makes the text larger.
  • Small - makes the text smaller.
  • Remove - removes any styling attached to the text other than default.

(Notice: You can also change style by using the Control key with another key such as a "i" to change text to italics.)

  1. You will have little or no use for this procedure
  2. You will have little or no use for this procedure
  3. ISO - International Organization for Standardization

Try these out[edit | edit source]

Quick Quiz
  • To make some text bold, what do you click on the drop down menu?
A. Bold
B. Language
C. Italics
D. None of the above
  • To make some text bold, you can highlight text and type:
A. Ctrl I
B. Ctrl 6
C. Ctrl U
D. None of the above.
  • To make some text italic, you can highlight text and type:
A. Ctrl I
B. Ctrl U
C. Ctrl B
D. None of the above.


Copy and paste the lorem ipsum sentences below into your sandbox page and make the following changes using the Visual Editor:

  • Make the first two words of the first sentence bold type.
  • Make the second sentence italics.
  • Remove the bold text from the first two words of the third sentence.
  • Remove the text style of italics from the fourth sentence.

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