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Visual Editor toolbar[edit | edit source]

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Templates[edit | edit source]

Templates are standard wiki pages whose content is designed to be transcluded (embedded) inside other pages. Templates follow a convention that the name is prefixed with "Template:", assigning it to that namespace. Therefore you can create them like any other wiki page. See

Visualeditor27.PNG Templates
  1. Click on "Edit" in the tool bar at the top of page. The Visual Editor tool bar will appear.
  2. Place your cursor where you want the template to appear in the article and click. The cursor will remain in that position.
  3. Then click "Insert" on the Visual Editor tool bar.
  4. Select "Template" from the drop down menu and the panel to the left will appear.
  5. When the panel appears, your cursor will appear blinking in the narrow red box.
  6. Enter the name of the template you want to place. (Leave out "Template:" as would be needed in Wikitext coding.)
  7. Click "Add template."
  8. You may be asked to type a description of the template in the next panel.
  9. Then click "Insert."
  10. Then click "Save page" in the Visual Editor tool bar.
  11. Another panel will appear asking for a "Summary" describing briefly what edits you have made to the page.
  12. Click "Save page" in the panel.
  13. The template should appear at the location where you originally placed the cursor (in #2 above).
  • NOTICE: Some older templates may not work in this section.

Try these out[edit | edit source]

Quick Quiz
  • When placing a template, you have to enter the name with "template:" in the name.
A. True
B. False
  • You can create templates with Visual Editor.
A. True
B. False
  • You can place templates only at the top of the page.
A. True
B. False


Place the following two templates on your sandbox page:

  • Template:MO-sidebar
  • Template:MOimagemap