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Visual Editor toolbar[edit | edit source]

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Save changes

Tables[edit | edit source]

Visualeditor28.PNG Tables

1. Place your cursor where you want the table to appear in the article and click.
2. Click "Insert" on the Visual Editor tool bar.
3. Then select "Table" from the drop down menu and the panel to the left will appear.
4. The cell that is ready for entering data is in blue.
First row of cells

  • The first row of cells will be for column labels and the text will be in bold black as you make your entries. The rest of the cells will not be in bold lettering.

Second row of cells

  • The following rows of cells will be for your data.

Need more rows

  • If you need more rows, click on the arrow to the side of the row you are working on.

Need more columns

  • If you need more columns, click on the arrow at the top of the column you are working on.

Move rows or columns

  • You can also shift the location of rows or columns if needed by clicking on the arrows.
  • Clicking on the row arrow will give you the choice of moving the row up or down in the table.
  • Clicking on the column arrow will give you the choice of moving the column to the right or left in the table.

Merging cells

  • If you want to merge cells, drag your cursor across the cells you want to merge. A panel will appear; then click merge.

Make Sortable or add Caption

  • By clicking on "Properties" you can make the table "Sortable" or add a "Caption."
  • Note: You will need to "save" the table after making it sortable for this feature to take effect.

Save your table
4. Click "Save page" on Visual Editor tool bar and another panel will appear asking you to enter in the "Summary" box what you have just entered on the page.
5. Then click "Save page" and table will appear on the page where you have selected.

  • If your table did not appear where you wanted it, you will need to move it with Wikitext.
  • If you want to delete a table, highlight one of the cells while in the Visual Editor and a panel will appear with the delete key.


  • Will help you quickly install a basic table on a page, but to add any design changes, you will need to check out "Advanced" training for tables in the Wikitext lessons.

Try these out[edit | edit source]

Quick Quiz
  • Click the cell you want to add information and it will turn blue.
A. True
B. False
  • To add more columns, you click on the arrow at the top of the table.
A. True
B. False
  • You cannot merge cells in a table in the Visual Editor.
A. True
B. False
  • You can change the background color of a cell using the Visual Editor.
A. True
B. False

  • Create a table that is like this table:
Fruits Vegetable Nuts Grains
Apples Peas Peanuts Wheat
Pears Carrots Walnuts Oats
Cherries Corn Cashews Barley
Oranges Beans Almonds Buckwheat

  • To this table in your sandbox, add another column for Liquids. Add four favorite liquid foods, such as milk and Orange Juice, to each of the new cells created.
  • To this table add two more rows. (No need to add any information to cells.)
  • Move second row to bottom of your table.
  • Blank out the third cell on the second row and merge with the second cell of that row.
  • Add the caption "Healthy Foods" to your table.
  • Make the table "Sortable."