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Visual Editor toolbar[edit | edit source]

VE Switch icon.png
Save changes

Creating lists[edit | edit source]

List structure
Place your cursor where you want your list to start, select the kind of list you desire, and start entering the text for each line.
  • The first icon creates a bullet list.
  • The second icon creates a numbered list.

Remove bullets or numbers

  • To remove bullets or numbers from a list, highlight the existing list and click the appropriate icon again. The list will revert to sentences without bullet or numbers.

Sub lists

  • To create a sub list or nested list, highlight the items you want to be a sub list and then click on "Increase indentation," the bottom icon. (The bottom two icons only appear after you have highlighted the item or items for which you want to either remove or add indentation.) The items will indent one space.
  • If you want to eliminate a sub or nested list, highlight items in question and click on "Decrease indentation" and the items will move one space to the left.

Try these out[edit | edit source]

Quick Quiz
  • You can click on "Increase indentation" any time you want to create a sub or nested list.
A. True
B. False
  • You can remove bullets from lists by clicking "Bullet list" again.
A. True
B. False


1. Create a list in your sandbox with the following items:
Alabama, Alaska, California, Nevada, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Washington.
2. Create a sublist with items three - six.
3. Reverse the following sublist:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
    • California
    • Nevada
    • Missouri
    • Montana
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • New York
  • Washington