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LESSON STRUCTURE[edit | edit source]

  • This is a set of short lessons designed to teach you the fundamentals of the HTML programming language.
  • The lessons are designed to help you learn in small, easy to digest bites.
  • The Exercises and Quick Quiz are at the end of each lesson. They are designed to give you some experience at using HTML programming language and teach you additional information through questions. Please do not pass them up.
  • The left side bar links to topics covered in this course. You can use this as an index to help you find a particular topic covered in these chapters.

WHAT IS HTML?[edit | edit source]

  • HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.
  • It is the underlying language of all the internet.
  • All web sites are constructed using HTML or its progenitors such as JavaScript, jQuery, etc.
  • To give some character to the sites, CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is added.


Wikitext is a scaled down or simplified version of HTML, designed to help beginners to wiki type web sites to be able to add material, edit or create new pages. Wikitext is useless for creating Websites, but HTML can be used in the Wiki, or at least some of it can.

CSS - CASCADING STYLE SHEETS[edit | edit source]


These are a series of codes which can add a little character to a page such as borders and background colors. CSS basically controls how a page will look to our patrons.

HTML and WIKITEXT[edit | edit source]

Because FamilySearch Wiki will often switch HTML coding for Wikitext, we are going to display them side by side for the topics we will cover. You will see the difference between the two codes.

HTML Wikitext

TRY THESE OUT . . . . .[edit | edit source]

Quick Quiz
  • What is CSS?
A. Code to give character to wiki pages
B. Change color of text
C. Add background color to text
D. All of the above
  • What is HTML?
A. Stands for Hyper Text Markdown Language
B. Language for all of the Internet
C. Created from wikitext
D. All of the above
  • What is the left sidebar for?
A. List of topics covered.
B. Index of topics covered.
C. Link to chapters of the topics.
D. All of the above.