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HOW TO PLACE AN INFOBOX[edit | edit source]

  • Given that infoboxes are a templates, they are placed like templates with double opening and closing curly brackets.
{{Name of infobox}}

The big difference is when you embed the infobox template you must add the parameter coding as shown below:

{{Infobox Sample

| organization=
| image=
| president=
| address=
| phone=
| hours open=


  • NOTICE each parameter is now substituted with a:
| parameter=

  • You add the information after the = sign. Here is the coding example for a fictitious organization:

{{Infobox Sample
| organization=Smith Family Assoc
| image=[[File:Erastus Deaf Smith.JPG|180]]
| president=John Smith
| address=1234 Hill St, Anytown, Anystate.
| phone=360-555-1234
| hours open=12:01 pm - 12:02 pm.


Here is the final product:

Smith Family Assoc.
President: John Smith
Address: 1234 Hill St, Anytown, Anystate.
Phone: 360-555-1234
Hours Open: 12:01 pm - 12:02 pm.
  • NOTICE the name of the organization and the image is centered. We built these attributes into the infobox when we created it. It is also floated to the right side.

Again it is up to you to add the parameter coding when embedding the infobox. The parameters do NOT automatically show up if you have only embedded {{Sample infobox}}.


When you need to edit the infobox, you edit the page where the infobox is embedded as normal. The infobox coding will show up in the page coding. Then you make whatever changes you want to the infobox coding. The ability to make changes or add to other pages with different information makes infoboxes very useful tools.


  • Be creative when creating these infoboxes. Try different background colors, different kinds of borders, etc.


  • There are hundreds of infoboxes already created. Please check to see if there is one that might apply to your needs.
  • Be careful with these existing infoboxes. Some of them have built in features not covered in this chapter.
  • Many only require the image name without the square brackets or the word "File" to place the image:
    Missouri.png not [[File:Missouri.png]]
  • If you have used the square brackets and the word "file" and the image does not show, try leaving them out. It might be a infobox that has these attributes already built in.

TRY THESE OUT . . . . .


Here is an existing infobox:
{{Infobox U.S. County}}.
Fill out the information for the county you were born in:

  • county
  • county map
  • state
  • state map
  • year founded
  • county seat

This is an existing infobox for US Counties. You will not need the square brackets and the word "File:" to place any image.

Quick Quiz
  • Once the information after the equal signs is entered and saved, there is no changing the parameters.
A. True
B. False
  • Infoboxes can only be used on county pages.
A. True
B. False
  • Infoboxes are limited just to genealogical organizations.
A. True
B. False