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Welcome to the Wiki Contributor Community!

You have been directed to the Research Wiki University which can help you get started as a newly approved contributing member in the Wiki. The goal of the articles or lessons in the Wiki University is to provide contributing members with basic information concerning:

  • What is the Wiki? What is its purpose?
  • What policies and standards do we use in the Wiki?
  • What does a Wiki page look like? What are all those tabs and links?
  • How can I create personal pages?
  • How can I create new articles or edit existing articles?
  • What do I do when I make a mistake?
  • Where do I go to find a project?
  • How can I get help?

Built into a few of these lessons are mini-videos that provide additional explanation or demonstrate "How To" processes. We hope you watch these videos.

What is the Wiki?[edit | edit source]

The FamilySearch Research Wiki (Wiki) is a free, online genealogical guide created and maintained by FamilySearch, a non-profit organization. The Wiki provides links to genealogy databases, websites, resources, research strategies, and genealogical guidance to assist in the search for your ancestors. Wiki articles included are locality pages for countries around the world that contain topic pages which include pertinent genealogy record types explaining how to use the record, what it contains, and how/where to find it.

Here is a short video that previews the Wiki: Using the Research Wiki video