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Special Pages[edit | edit source]

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  • Special Pages are accessed under Tools on the left hand toolbar.

  • Although there are 18 sections, you should be particularly familiar with the ones listed below:

    • Maintenance reports
    • List of pages
    • Users and rights
    • Recent changes and logs
    • Media reports and uploads

Maintenance reports[edit | edit source]

  • Maintenance Reports is a list of the various reports that tell what items in the Wiki need constant attention and are part of our patrolling duties. Most are "assigned" to certain missionaries, although you are welcome to work on them. Additional discussion is to be covered later in Other Maintenance.

Lists of pages[edit | edit source]

Under the Lists of Pages, clicking on "All pages" will take you to an alphabetical index of all the pages in the Wiki. You can scroll down by clicking a name range. However, you can restrict that to a more manageable or specific index list by selecting a category from the drop down list under "Namespace."

For example, the namespace "Help" gives a list of help pages.

Users and rights[edit | edit source]

The options under Users and Rights allow us to get information about users and their contributions. We can also change our passwords or Wiki preferences from here, if needed.

Recent changes and logs[edit | edit source]


In Recent Changes and Logs are lists of our highest priority as Wiki support team. These are recent changes and new pages. Explanation of patrolling these lists will be covered in the next lesson.

Media reports and uploads[edit | edit source]

  • Upload file - is the link to upload the images for use in the Wiki. The process is explained here in detail in the lesson on Image Approval.

Check out the other sections[edit | edit source]

Check out the links in the other sections so you have an idea of what information is available in the Wiki.

Try these out[edit | edit source]

Quick Quiz

On the special pages page, which section do you go to in order to:

  • Look at blocked users?

A: Maintenance reports
B: Login/signup
C: Media reports and uploads
D: None of the above

  • Change your password?

A: Users and rights
B: Recent changes and logs
C: Maintenance reports
D: None of the above

  • Upload an image?

A: Lists of pages
B: Users and rights
C: Media reports and uploads
D: None of the above

Reviewing recent changes is not a priority when patrolling the Wiki.