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Other Maintenance Issues[edit | edit source]

  • Besides patrolling, there are other maintenance issues of which we need to be aware. Although selected missionaries are assigned to fix these issues, all missionaries are taught about these "back end" issues so they can assist users should a similar issue be encountered. Click here to view the list of other maintenance items.
  • They are divided into three categories:
    • General Maintenance and Cleanup
    • Content Maintenance and
    • Administrative Maintenance
  • Each of these categories are tables with five columns.
    • The first column names the type of maintenance problem.
    • The second - title or brief description of the problem.
    • The third - what order of priority this problem has in relation to the other kinds of problems.
    • The fourth - how many items in this type are in need of attention.
    • The fifth - a link that explains how to fix the problem. Take some time to at least get familiar with the format of these how to do it articles.
  • Let's look at each maintenance category.

General Maintenance and Cleanup[edit | edit source]

Maintenance of items that do not require any knowledge of the subject matter. They are items that deal with some coding problems and minor editing missteps.

Content Maintenance[edit | edit source]

Items that require some knowledge of the subject matter of the articles and a greater depth of knowledge of Wikitext coding.

Administrative Maintenance[edit | edit source]

Items that require additional rights to process, which not all missionaries are given. Recent changes, as described in a previous lesson, are in this category and are available to all trained missionaries.

Be familiar with these tables[edit | edit source]

  • You may never work on all of these items in each of the tables. Some are nice to have down to zero but certainly not critical to the function of the Wiki as a whole.
  • Mission leadership will determine when attention needs to be focused on any particular item in these tables. The rest of the time you might work on some of these for a couple of minutes when you need a change.

Try these out[edit | edit source]

Quick Quiz
  • The only maintenance you need to worry about is what is assigned to you by your supervisor.
  • Anyone can work on Administrative Maintenance.
  • No knowledge of the subject matter of any of the articles is required to work on General Maintenance and Cleanup.
  • Any number over 10 in the number of items needs our immediate attention.
  • There is no help available for working any of the items in these tables.