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Maintenance flags or templates[edit | edit source]

Maintenance flags or templates are special templates you can add to an article to show that the article has a problem you need help resolving. The flags alert an administrator that this page needs attention of some sort.

Explanations[edit | edit source]

  • When placing these maintenance templates, you need to add an explanation as to what is the issue with the article that requires a maintenance template.
  • The explanation is added to the template inside the curly brackets separated by a pipe shown in red as in this example:
{{copyright|This is where your explanation for placing this template is added}}


Notice that the explanation is separated from the name of the template with a pipe.

Your explanation will now appear after the description of the template

Common maintenance templates[edit | edit source]

  • Here are some common maintenance flags and the wikitext you will use.
Template Flag Wikitext Coding and Image


How a flag works[edit | edit source]

  • When you added the template or maintenance flag (the second line of wikitext in the chart), it signaled the wiki to place your page into a category that is being checked regularly by an assigned missionary. That missionary will study the details and resolve the problem.
  • These flags are especially valuable for solving problems you have no authority to fix. For example, if a page needs to be deleted, only a missionary with administrator rights can delete it.
  • Be helpful and add enough details to the Talk Page that this administrator can quickly grasp the problem.
    • What is causing the concern?
    • Where exactly (what section) is the problem found on the page?
    • What have you maybe already tried that did not work?

There are many more flags available[edit | edit source]

  • There are so many flags designed to fit a variety of situations that you will never remember them all! Instead, when you come to a problem you feel unable to solve, consult this listing of maintenance templates to see if a flag fits your problem.
  • If nothing seems to be an exact match, use the "I am looking for help!" flag (in the first row of the above chart).

Try these out[edit | edit source]

  • Place a Maintenance Flag on your sandbox page for a copyright violation.
  • After checking the answer, remove the flag, so your trainer does not hear from a mildly irritated but nevertheless polite administrator.

Quick Quiz
  • When placing a maintenance template, you:
A. Place the name of the template between two opening and closing square brackets.
B. You place it at the bottom of the page.
C. You type the reason you are placing the template after a pipe that follows the name of the template.
D. None of the above
  • To place a maintenance flag, you add the appropriate wikitext to the Talk Page of the article.
  • It is just fine if you only put the wikitext on the Talk Page and add no other explanation.
  • If no other flag seems to fit the problem, feel free to use the "I am looking for help!"
  • A diligent and effective missionary should memorize all the available maintenance flags, reviewing them on a daily basis.