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A WikiProject is a collection of pages or activities devoted to helping to grow and develop the wiki or add content to a specific topic or locality.  With a WikiProject, you can:

  1. Bring groups of people together to work on a project
  2. Separate out the work that needs to be done
  3. Give instructions that can always be updated within the wiki
  4. Find the best ways to communicate with each other

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When starting a new project, one key to success is in the planning that is done before the project begins. The following are vital to a successful project:

Identify a Project Leader[edit | edit source]

A project leader can define what it is you want to accomplish and how, and be able to communicate a clear picture of what the project will do. The project leader will take care of the following or assign others to do so:
  • Clearly define the scope of the project
  • Recruit individuals who can help with the project
  • Hold regular meetings or discussions on where things are, give kudos, etc.
  • Train and give individual attention to volunteers to do the tasks spelled out

Name the project, and create the project pages & tasks[edit | edit source]

  • Name your project: Following these conventions will help your project be found:
  1. The name of the project should begin with the word "FamilySearch Wiki" and followed by a colon, ":"
  2. After the colon type the word "WikiProject"
  3. Then type the name of the project.
    • Example: FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Utah
Add the new project to the list on the Projects Seeking Contributors page, under the subject heading that is related to the new project
  • Create a Welcome page that:
  1. Includes general information about the project
  2. Gives an area where people can sign up to participate
  3. Shows what stage the project is in (kept up to date) and what currently needs help
  4. Explains how the project members will communicate with each other going forward. (See #3 below for more information.)
You can create a Welcome page on your own or you can use this template to help get you started.
  • Define tasks and create pages to explain the various tasks. Make the tasks simple so that someone new to the wiki doesn't feel overwhelmed with the scope of the work. On each task page, add the description of the task and include a sign-up sheet for the tasks that give information about the task, a spot for people to sign up, when the task is completed, etc.

Decide how you will communicate[edit | edit source]

Frequent communication is vital to the success of a project. Some options are:

  • Regular meetings in Webex
    Sometimes regular meetings over the phone can help kick start a project. When having regular meetings, however, be sure that the information discussed is tracked on Wiki pages so that those who can't attend are kept up to date.
  • WikiProject Talk pages
    Talk pages keep the conversation together with the project
  • Skype
    Skype is a great instant messaging tool for more immediate group communication.

Seek volunteers to help[edit | edit source]

(This piece is so important that it gets a spot on this page, plus its own page.)
Bringing in volunteers and promoting your WikiProject is the best way to get the project off the ground and bring it to completion. Plus, working with others is so much more fun than doing it all yourself! That's what the wiki is all about, community working together.
See the Promoting a WikiProject page for specific places where you can talk about the project and look for volunteers.

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