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FamilySearch Record Search This article contains record coverage information about a FamilySearch Historical Records Collection.
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Denmark Baptisms - FamilySearch Historical Records

What is in the Collection?[edit | edit source]

The table below displays the number of records from the county of Haderslev included in the Denmark Baptisms database on FamilySearch.org.

Record Content[edit | edit source]

Please note that owing to privacy laws not all records in the database may be searchable. When the parish can not be identified the records are listed with only the county name. See Denmark Baptisms - FamilySearch Historical Records for a list showing the total number of records for by county in this collection.

County Parish Records
Haderslev Bevtoft 2,033
Haderslev Bjerning 1,630
Haderslev Fjelstrup 2,192
Haderslev Frørup 2,079
Haderslev Gammel Haderslev 4,800
Haderslev Grarup 2
Haderslev Haderslev Vor Frue 6,459
Haderslev Halk 1,851
Haderslev Hammelev 1,170
Haderslev Hjerndrup 720
Haderslev Hjerting 683
Haderslev Jels 1,067
Haderslev Lintrup 660
Haderslev Nustrup 1,689
Haderslev Øsby 2,550
Haderslev Øster Lindet 571
Haderslev Sommersted 2,098
Haderslev Sønder Hygum 1,245
Haderslev Sønder Starup 2,440
Haderslev Stepping 1
Haderslev Toftlund 4,280
Haderslev Tyrstrup 7,180