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Tutorial[edit | edit source]

Go to 9:18 minutes into the recording to learn about school records and see examples.
Mathitologion (Students Register):

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Elenchos (Grades Report):
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Migration and Schools[edit | edit source]

Soon after the Greek nation was established there was an extensive migration of Greeks to the newly established free Greek nation. Some came with their whole family, including all their brothers with their wives and children. Some did not move their families, but they sent their children to schools of free Greece. The schools of the capital of Greece, Nauplion, were flooded with students from all parts of Greece which were still under foreign rule.

Public Education[edit | edit source]

Greeks have long treasured education as a channel for social mobility and a way of recovering their glorious past and of achieving national progress. Modern revival of education started in the eighteenth century under Ottoman rule, but it was not until 1929 that education was made compulsory at the primary level. In 1964 education was made free at all levels.

Universities[edit | edit source]

If your ancestor was educated in the universities of Greece, he or she may have been recorded in the matriculation records of that school. These records may contain valuable information about your ancestor, including name, age, hometown, date of enrollment, and date of graduation. Sometimes they contain biographical information, such as names of parents, spouse, and children.

Microfilms[edit | edit source]

The Family History Library has collected a few school records, mainly intermediate and high school records. These records are listed in the FamilySearch Catalog under:





  • Registration records, lists of students and their grades, and certificates from the early twentieth century have been filmed from the General Archives of Nauplion for the county of Argolidos and can be found in the catalog under: Greece, Argolidos, Nauplion - Schools

Greek National Arcives (GAK)[edit | edit source]

See, How to Navigate the Greek National Archives. Many school records are digitized and online at the Greek National Archives (GAK or GSA). The are filed by county (translated by Google as "Prefecture"). Choose the county from the left sidebar. Study the file descriptions for "Mathitologio".