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A gazetteer is a list and description of places. It is valuable tool to help find records for a locality. This site is a great resource for online German gazetteers. Genealogical gazetteers have been created for the following provinces:

  • Bavaria
  • East and West Prussia
  • Hohenzollern
  • Lippe (Detmold)
  • Lippe (Schaumburg)
  • Hessen-Darmstadt
  • Hessen-Nassau
  • Mecklenburg
  • Waldeck

Content[edit | edit source]

Each entry may contain

  • Name of town
  • Province
  • Kreis (district)
  • Protestant Parish
  • Catholic Parish
  • Civil Records Office

Internet address[edit | edit source]

or search for German gazetteer

Cost[edit | edit source]