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Welcome to the Germany barn raising page! A wiki barn raising is a short, focused community effort to create or revise content relating to a specific locality or topic. The following tasks need to be accomplished during the Germany barn raising beginning in March 2009. Please volunteer to complete one or more tasks by adding your name to this list. Before you can add your name to the list below, you must register.. After you have registered and confirmed your e-mail address:

  1. Log in to the Wiki
  2. Navigate to the Germany Barn Raising page
  3. On the Germany Barn Raising page, click the "Edit" page option located in the page options box to the right. This will open the "Editing" window.
  4. Locate the task you wish to work on in the tables below, then input three tildes (~~~) in the 'sign up...' column (the third column) across from the task description. This will automatically insert a link to your user page and allow you to "sign up" for a task. More than one user may sign up for a task, and should collaborate together to avoid repetitive or conflicting information.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the editing page until you can see the "Save page" button.
  6. Click on the "Save page" button to save your changes.

More than one person may sign up to work on a given task. That way, those that sign up for a task can also communicate with each other on what they are doing.

Germany Pages to Update as Part of the Barn Raising
[edit | edit source]

Some of these articles came from the old Germany Research outline and need to be updated.  This first table lists those topics that are part of this phase of the barn raising. 

Task Description Notes Sign up by inserting 3 tildes (~~~)

% Done

Archives and Libraries




Church Directories

Church History

Church Records

Civil Registration

Court Records

Cultural Areas

Court Records




Emigration and Immigration




Historical Geography


Jewish Records

Land and Property

Language and Languages


Military Records

Names Personal


Naturalization and Citizenship







Probate Records



Simple tasks[edit | edit source]

Potentially, a large number of volunteers in the community may feel unqualified to write a 'how to' article on a subject of interest, but they are available to do simple tasks that support the writing of articles. This is the place to list and/or volunteer for those tasks!  If you're a writer, here's where you can get some help. If you're a volunteer or community member, here's where you can give some!

Task Description Notes Sign up by inserting 3 tildes (~~~)

% Done

Add links from topics and counties to their corresponding wiki pages. This will help users and leaders keep tabs on progress as the Germany Barn Raising unfolds.      
Add Germany News & Events to the Portal page The German genealogical community needs volunteers to find genealogical news and events that relate to Germany and link to them from the News and Events section of the Germany Portal. For ideas on where to find news items, see Finding Genealogy News and Events within the United States.


Add to the Did You Know section of the Germany Portal page. The Did You Know section of the Germany Portal is meant to lead users to the best, latest wiki articles and Websites for England research. This list changes continually like the Did You Know section on WikiPedia's home page.    
Link to data sets in record search. Go here for a description of the project.

Link from Germany pages to the major data sites and online databases

Link wiki to digitized books in the BYU Family History Archive.
Go here for a description of the project.

Copy and paste record content bullet lists from SourceGuide
RG and SG contain bullet lists which mention the types of information that can be gleaned from each type of U.S. records. Example: The What you are looking for section of the Research Guidance page "Federal Population Schedule 1820-1920."

Need someone to act as German events reporter (also have him/her do the Did You Know section of the Germany Portal)
To help authors do this task more easily, Fran Jensen created Finding Genealogy News and Events within the United States. This can also apply to other countries like Germany

Preliminary tasks for wiki veterans[edit | edit source]

Task Description Notes Sign up by inserting 3 tildes (~~~)


1. Create a repository template

2. Create an example topic page for England

3. Create an example county page for England

4. Create example repository pages for above

5. Create barn raising explanation and invitation
Done! For an explanation of what a barn raising is, see Barn Raising on FamilySearch Wiki.

6. Put up this barn raising tasks list sign-up sheet
Prelimary draft done (This page)

7. Put up barn raising advertisements

8. Get volunteer cosmetic editor A cosmetic editor simply checks the article to be sure there are no white spaces, or other problems regarding the 'look and feel' of a given article.       
9. Get volunteer source footnotes champion      
10. Get volunteer wiki trainer/mentor      

== Germany pages to update

These pages should be written during the second phase of the barn raising.

Task Description Notes Sign up by inserting 3 tildes (~~~)

% Done

Anhalt - Herzogtum (duchy)

Baden – Herzogtum (duchy)

Bayern – Königreich (kingdom) (Bavaria)

Braunschweig (Brunswick) – Herzogtum (duchy)

Elsass-Lothringen ( – Provinz) (Alsace-Lorraine province, 1871-1918)

Hessen – Herzogtum (duchy)

Lippe – Fürstentum (principality)

Mecklenburg-Schwerin – Herzogtum (duchy)

Mecklenburg-Strelitz – Herzogtum (duchy)

Oldenburg – Herzogtum (duchy)



Hessen - Nassau


Ostpreussen (Ostpreussen, East Prussia)

Pommern (Pomerania)

Posen (Poznan)

Rheinland (Rhineland)

Provinz Sachsen (Province of Saxony)

Schlesien (Silesia)


Prussia - Westfalen (Westphalia)

Westpreussen (Westpreussen, West Prussia)

Sachsen – Konigreich (kingdom) (Saxony)

Schaumburg-Lippe – Fürstentum

Sachsen Altenburg – Herzogtum (duchy)

Sachsen Coburg-Gotha – Herzogtum (duchy)

Sachsen Meiningen – Herzogtum (duchy)

Sachsen Weimar - Eisenach – Herzogtum (duchy)

Schwarzburg Rudolstadt – Fürstentum (principality)

Schwarzburg Sonderhausen – Fürstentum (principality)

Reuss altere Linie – Fürstentum (principality) (Older line)

Reuss jungere Linie – Fürstentum (principality) (Younger line)

Waldeck - Furstentum (principality)

Württemberg – Konigreich (kingdom) (Wuerttemberg)