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Germans from Russia
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Alexanderwohl Church.jpgAlexanderwohl Mennonite Church in Goessel, Kansas
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The “Germans from Russia Search Strategies” page of this set explains the steps to follow to effectively research your family history. This page is particularly valuable if you are just beginning your research.

The “Records Selection Table” helps you select which records to search. The page, “Records at the Family History Library,” describes the library's Germans from Russia collection. The “FamilySearch Catalog” page explains how to use the Library's catalog to find specific records in the library's collection.

Beginning at the “Archives and Libraries“ page topics and the major records used for Germans from Russia research are discussed in alphabetical order, such as “Church Records” and “Societies.” The names of these pages are the same as the topic headings used in the FamilySearch Catalog.

Related records and concepts are grouped together under the same heading. For example, in the “Emigration and Immigration” page you will find information about:

• The history of emigration from Germans from Russia.

• Passenger lists.

• Emigration indexes.

• Passports.

In this set of Wiki pages, German-language or Russian-language terms are occasionally given in brackets and italics after the English terms, such as funeral sermons [Leichenpredigten] or guides [путеводители = putevoditeli]. English translations in parentheses follow German-language or Russian-language book, microfilm, or microfiche titles. In addition, the transliterated title is listed between the Russian title and its English translation, for example, Сборник сведении о Кавказе (Sbornik svíèdíèniĭ o Kavkazíè = Gazeteer of the Caucasus). German spellings are used for German place-names. For example, Köln is used instead of Cologne. FamilySearch Catalog spellings are used for Russian place-names, for example, Tavrida is used instead of the German Taurida or Taurien, or the Russian Таврида.

This set of pages does not mention all possible genealogical record sources. At the end of the set of pages, you will find a brief bibliography of sources under “Bibliography.” For help tracing Germans from Russia emigrants, use the Wiki pages for the country of arrival, the United States Emigration and Immigration pages, and the Germany Wiki pages.

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