Gallica: The French “Library of Congress”

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  • This Web site is the equivalent to the U.S. Library of Congress Web site.
  • Use this Web site if you are looking for French history books and hard to find documents. Other European countries are also available.

Content: in French[edit | edit source]

Access to a growing number of free online digitized and fully downloadable books on a variety of subjects, including historical documents and newspapers.

Internet Address[edit | edit source]

Using the Site[edit | edit source]

3 main buttons to use:

  • Découverte: allows you to browse through the collection by choosing a timeframe or by clicking on the additional buttons
    • Thèmes: Choose a timeframe or start a search
    • Chronologies: Scroll through a timeline 
    • Iconographie, monnaies: listing by collection
    • Dictionnaires: variety of dictionaries
    • Mode texte: complete alphabetical listing
  • Recherche:
    • Do a search by:
      • Mots du titre: Title search
      • Auteur: Author
      • Sujet: Subject (alphabetical browse still an option)
      • Recherche libre: free search 
  • Dossier:
  • Reports arranged in categories.
  • Once you have selected a particular book, the original will appear on the right side and a table of contents on the left. You can select a particular page or at the top, select “Télécharger” to download in pdf format.  You will have to wait until a link is created enabling you to download the file. (Similar to downloads.)

Cost[edit | edit source]


Tips[edit | edit source]

The Dossier L’Amérique en France” (France in America) is a joint venture with the Library of Congress and is available in English.