Finnish Research: What's the next step?

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Select a specific relative or ancestor born in Finland for whom you know at least a name, the village or parish where he or she came from, and an approximate date when he or she lived there. It is also very helpful to know the names of other family members who were born in Finland.

As you look over your Family Group Records, or Pedigree charts, ask yourself "What do I want to find next?"
Common goals might be:

  • The last person on a specific line of your Pedigree Chart.
  • A missing parent on the Family Group Sheet.
  • Fill a gap between the birth years of the children on a Family Group Record (a wide gap indicating there might be missing children).
  • Finding the last children to the parents (during the Mothers child bearing years).
  • To find a missing birth date and/or place for individual listed on the Family Group Record.
  • Locate the marriage date and place for the parents on the Family Group Record.

For help finding an immigrant ancestor's birthplace, see  Emigration and Immigration.

Next, decide what you want to learn about your ancestor. You might want to ask an experianced researcher to help you select a goal that you want to acheive.