Finding How My English Family Lived

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There are many records that tell you about your family and the way they lived. Not all of these records mention  people from all social classes. Click below to read about these subjects. These are just a few of that may help you learn more about your family.

  • Film Collection for the  BBC "The Lost World of Michell & Kenyon" presented by Dan Cruickshank  The DVD is 176 minutes of the earliest moving pictures in black & white covering a period of time in the 1890s to the 1910s.  The film makers subject was English everyday life and the local people at work and play.  The DVD shows the recovered film show the real people caught on film as they walked on the street or left their shift at work. 

The film makers filmed in local areas to in a carnival money making effort. They had to advertised and then handbills enviting the subjects and public to come and view themselves and neighbors on a moving film show.  The movies were put on in a tent show manor.  This was a time period before movie houses.

This writer was totally amazed to be able to see  the archival films of Manchester and Blackpool at the turn of the 20th Century. These were real people like my grandparents in Worcestershire and probably similar to all people in the time period.