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Featherstone Society
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Established 2002
Contact Info
Website featherstone-society.com
Members 200+
Affiliations Guild_of_One-Name_Studies
Last updated: Feb 25, 2021

Organization[edit | edit source]

The Featherstone Society was established in 1997 by a group of Featherstone descendants in England.[1]  Since that time, membership has expanded worldwide.   Membership includes access to a private membership website, quarterly newsletter and research assistance.  The quarterly newsletter can be obtained electronically or by a small increased subscription cost by ground mail.

The society is actively involved in research for a person who enjoyed the Featherstone surname or any of its variants.[2] The society is currently headed by W. Paul Featherstone.  Individuals wishing to join the society should contact him directly or through the main society website.

Surname[edit | edit source]

The origin of the Featherstone surname extends back into early English history.  Some say it originated with Helius (Elias) de Fetherstonhalgh in about 1202.  Helius was influentlal landowner who created the symbol for his family with the image of a feather and a stone.[3][4]

Spelling Variations[edit | edit source]

The Featherstone surname is found with a number of spelling variations. They commonly include: Featherstone, Featherston, Fetherstone, Fetherston, Featherstun, Featherstonehaugh, Featherstonhaugh and Fetherstonhaugh.   Less frequent spellings include Fedderstan, de Fedderstanhalwe, de Fedderstanhalgh and many others.[5]

Historical Family Home[edit | edit source]

The historical family home is commonly known today as the Featherstone Castle located a short distance south of the Scottish border in Northumberland.

Featherstone castle.jpg

 Over the centuries it has served as a family manor, estate headquarters and it has even housed a school.  Today, it is privately owned and is frequently visited by descendants flocking to their ancestral home.

Genealogical Research[edit | edit source]

Numerous research projects are underway by members of the society including records in England, Wales, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and the United States.  Featherstone data found in the projects are listed on the Collected Records section of the primary Society website.

Additionally, the society owns or affiliates with a number of Featherstone descendant sites that include much of the research data found in the Collected Records section of the society website.

Additional records are found on various member genealogy blogs and sites:

Projects[edit | edit source]

In addition to the Genealogical Research projects, the society is also involved in:

Resources[edit | edit source]