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Present:[edit source]

Warren Jones, James Tanner, Janell Vasquez, Judy, Lise, Contrelle, Charles Smith, Don Summerham, Sandra Pond, DSammy, Steven Lyde, Darris Williams ,Richard Wayne Ferrel,

Discussion Items
Technical Issues & Workarounds
[edit source]

Auto-login links from Wiki: Investigation would be required from Engineering to find out if auto-login could work. Will send it up for them to look at. --Mark 19:07, 14 June 2011 (UTC)  Not currently set up and would be at the end of the list.  It however may solve the e-mail problem below.  Would it cover the forums?  Many browsers or sites will remember you on forums and remember me on preferences will keep you logged-in. The main site however alwys loggs you out with out these. Open office allows an extension that allows export to the current Wiki.

E-mails sent from Wiki do not reset the watch notification: If you are already signed in to the Wiki, the notifications will get reset. If you are not signed, they will not be reset. This is the same for both links (current version and see all changes). --Mark 19:37, 14 June 2011 (UTC)

Problem with edit- Tried to preview and only edit page comes up no message to show any problem.  Possible two people are editing and one has finished, leaving the other with only edit.  Will check this out.

Site Design[edit source]

Are there any pages to check out on the re-design of the Main Page.  Forum thread

Cottrells page in sandbox is User:Cottrells/Sandbox/MainPage Last weeks discussion on Illinois and New York Thread on layout of County Pages.

Is it a good practice to use Talk pages for the practice of preparing pages for future use, or is the sandbox better? When using the talk page is there a template to mark this page as a work in process etc.

Are working on the general ideas for all future County pages and for some specifics for just the pages that will need the specific items. Edwards County, Illinois Genealogy (on talk Page)

Please comment on content not form. Can we link the talk page to the Sandbox? If needed.  How do we put into the Style Guide and Draft Pages these uses?   

Will the template for the Counties be a default template?  Will it be hidden?  Can we put a explanation on the template so others will know how to open it? 

Edwards County, Illinois Genealogy


More next week